Add-On hit on Series X?

Hey all,

I was curious if anyone with the series X has bought any airports or airplanes.
If so, are you noticing a big hit in performance with them?
Just scared to get any because it runs so good right now… don’t want to miss it up! :joy:
Also, the working title G1000, any hit in performance for that?


Definitely get the G1000nxi that is absolutely a no brainer, but skip any and all airports and scenery add ons on Xbox. They are terrible and use way too much Xbox memory and cause stability issues on a console that borders on regular memory leaks as is.

Sim update 6 is too perfect on a Series X now you will only get frustrated. I’ve deleted literally all of mine and it immediately got rid of performance issues on Xbox when in the area of those airports and/or scenery add ons from third parties from marketplace.

This isn’t unique to SU6 either so it’s not dependent on the dev updating their add ons; it has always been the case on Xbox. Approaching a custom third party airport is a crapshoot for a ctd and massive fps drops lol.


Edit: Came back to edit as I was a bit harsh there. The add ons themselves are not terrible, many are in fact beautifully done. It’s just that the sim on Xbox really struggles to handle all of the data at once using system memory and my experience has been quite negative with ctds and frame drops around most scenery or airport add on content and in my case was improved significantly or entirely by removing the content. They look lovely in most cases, but I cannot recommend their use until the memory leak raised by Asobo last week is addressed.

Just wanted to add that as the third party devs really do do a nice job, it’s just a platform limitation at the moment.


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Thanks, very informative.

I’m using a few add-ons, mainly aircraft, without any issues at all. Everything running smoothly.

Ive got loads! Whats a sim without well crafted airports to land at?

Ill be honest its all been fine to me. The biggest issue I’ve had is with Asobos default neo320 which has caused stutters and weird camera jumping in the cockpit before finally CTD to home screen when I landed.

Ive not had a problem otherwise.

I think one way to make your game quit is to use drone at pay ware airports, but slap the speed up to 50 or above. I don’t think the sim can handle that speed zipping about assets. But maybe thats just me.

Otherwise I don’t think I could sim without enriching the world, Asobos handcrafted airports lack character and some of the default ones look awful, just blocks with horrible night lighting.

There are some airports that bundle extra scenery to cities with it, that vastly increase immersion.

Latin do some great ones in Miami and Madrid that have extra landmarks in them, they look incredible.

FYI, my experience on series X and Add ons has NOT been as bad as Ahal up there. Idk maybe it’s just bad luck on his end, but I have not had as many CTDs and a often minimal hit in performance for Singapore Changi, Las Vegas, Dublin, Abu Dhabi, just to name a few add ons I bought. Granted, CTDs DO happen but I don’t think it’s that much more often on series X as it is on PC. take what Ahal said with a grain of salt.

Crashes happen. I’ve had it on series x with watch dogs legion and cyberpunk.

You just have to live with it to a certain degree.

I have more than 10 add-on airplanes, none of them has ever caused performance issues or CTD. I bought the Tokyo scenery add-on last week, and so far had some minor performance drops and only one CTD on the first time it loaded, but in general the performance is quite acceptable. I am running the sim on Series S, so I imagine the Series X is even better when handling these contents. Most of CTD I got (only a handful of them, to be fair) were on scenery affected by Asobo’s World Updates and using default aircraft.

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