Add on’s Where they go

I have the MSFS 2020 and Can someone tell me where the Addon’s are suppose to go. I’ve got them all kind of all over the place. I use the add on manager or installer (can’t remember the name) but a lot of the addon’s wont install. Says missing file. I’m only interested in the flight plan and scenery files. Want also to get them off my hard drive C and move them all to another drive. My “C” is getting filled up. If someone can point me to the directory where these Flt PLN and Scenery files are supposed to go. And if I can move all of these onto another drive and also how to make sure the sim will see it all.

Flight Plan Files can be stored anywhere. By default, if you create them in MSFS using the built in planner, they are usually saved to:

C:\Users\Your Windows Logon Name\Roaming\AppData\Microsoft Flight Simulator

As for community files, they are saved to the Community Folder. Depending on where you installed MSFS and which Store did you use - MS-Store, GamePass or Steam - will determine where the default location is for that folder.

The best way to figure it out is to go to the path I specified above, and use a Text Editor like Notepad to open the file called UserCfg.Opt which is located there. The last line tells you where the sim is installed. Tell us here where it is and we can guide you to the Community Folder.

I downloaded the game from MS Store. I was excited to get it back in December and didnt think about all the addon’s i might be adding. Plus the extra scenery I’d be adding. Most of its on my C drive. I’d like to leave the game there but move all this other stuff to another drive. I know how to find the C:\Users\Your Windows Logon Name\Roaming\AppData\Microsoft Flight Simulator And does all the flight plans go into this file. I think i had looked there and never saw any flight plans. And the community folder I used to know where to find it but couldn’t tonight when i was looking. Appreciate the help your giving me.

Since you bought it from MS Store the path might actually be:


Let us know what the last line in that file reads.

K. It’s not on this iPad I’m on . I’ll have a look on the desktop here and let you know. The path you just sent ending in UserCfg.opt. What is supposed to be in this file

Use Notepad or some text editor to open the file.

The very last line in the file has the path to where the Packages are located. This includes the Community folder.

So I found the Community folder. I’ve been in there before. It has all the scenery files in it. Now next I’ve been trying to find where all the flight plans are at. I did come across some in the packages_LocalState. There’s a bunch in there but not sure if they are showing up in the sim. I just had a look and everything that’s in the LocalState folder is showing up in the sim where you can load a flight plan. So got that kind of figured out. Now how can I move all this scenery and flight plans to another drive and just keep my MSFS main files in the “C” directory. I have a “E” and “F” drive that are a lot bigger than my main “C” drive.

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