Add on scenery won’t show on arrival

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Add on scenery will not show up on arrival. Purchased LVFR KSAN and flew from KLAS to KSAN but the airport wasn’t showing and a few miles out the sim got to a crawl on my I9-13900k - RTX 4090 - 64 gig ddr5
Same happened from KLAX to KLAS (Fly Tampa KLAS) scenery but both sceneries KSAN and KLAS work flawlessly when I start out there. The only other add on I have I GSX

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Question, fi you purchased your scenery in the marketplace, did you restart the sim after downloading?

I have found, you need to restart the sim after purchasing and downloading from the marketplace.

No. I got it at the developer site

What did the Developer (LatinVFR ) have to say about this issue, when you told them ?

They should be the “experts” on their own scenery, and should know any of any similar reported issues that have occurred to other users of that scenery.

LatinVFR do have a Support Forum … << Forum Link

Tip: Make sure you do not have any other KSAN airport addons installed at the same time as the VFR version .

Did you relaunch the sim after installing the scenery? I’ve had several situations where this was the simple fix.


Haven’t contacted the developer yet. No other add on scenery for KSAN installed. I’ve read it might have something to do with loaded objects limit. I do have GSX. So maybe that’s why

Even if you’ve got the addon directly from the dev, it’s still useful to restart device and refresh your rolling cache. Has prevented many scenery-issues and ctd’s for me.

I don’t get CTD at all …… so far…knock on wood…the only issue is that 2 add on airports won’t show on arrival. It doesn’t happen all the time though. Yesterday I flew the 172 from KSNA to KSAN and all was good. Will have to try the PMDG 737 again

That’s likely your problem right there, especially if you’re using something like FSLTL or FS Traffic. Be sure to go into the FSDT Installer and change the GSX Options to remove extra ground clutter. If you’re using FS Traffic, go into the options there and remove as much of the GSE options as you can (I typically remove all but jetways/airstairs). For FSLTL maybe reduce ground traffic. The sim’s object limit is fixed and it seems it does not do a good job (or maybe ANY job at all) of removing sim objects after you leave an airport. It’s very, very easy to exceed that limit with any kind of complex scenery, GSX, and a traffic model matching program.