Add or Edit Ai Airplane AirTraffic Flight Schedule

Really interested to know if there is a way to add, modify, or edit the flight schedule for the AiTraffic airplanes? Or any way to set their regions. Many people are asking if they fly to certain country, can they see their respective livery at their airports?

I’m aware of TTool from FS2004, any information would be much appreciated :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiley:

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It will take a third party developer to develop that. MS/Asobo won’t bother.

I see, thanks for commenting

There is something under developer mode(Options>General>Developer) under the projects neu which relates to AI schedules.

You might want to take a look. I haven’t had time yet so do let me know if there is anything useful there. You have to create a new project first I think (in the same menu.)

Just got done looking at it, I couldn’t figure out a way to add aircraft or airports to the list :frowning:

I had a look as well…and I totally agree with you.

Third party developer I guess.

I was at EGLL London Gatwick plane spotting. One of the busiest airports in the world. In one hour…one aircraft took off; none landed. Air traffic maxed 100%.


That’s sad, I had little better luck in Dubai plane spotting, but I think I used Real Traffic

Oh if I’m in xplane with traffic global I can watch aircraft coming and going all day.

Just can’t do it in this overhyped, pathetic apology for a flight simulator.

Even when a plane taxis for departure it stops at the runway threshold, never gets onto the runway and yhen just disappears. That was a problem we had in FS9/FSX.

This program should be called a Scenery Simulator. If you take out the scenery there’s not much left.

I see, thanks for the info