Add scenery not loading


I have a PC with Windows 10 64 and is complete up to date.
I have MSFS 2020 version

Been flying OK with the standard scenery that came with.
But did bought/download/installed a couple of scenery/airport direct from the MSFS2020 Marketplace:

  • Switzerland Mesh - FSDreamteam
  • LIDT Trento-Mattarello Airport - RCStudio

I tried to fly from this add on and it will do the process to start where you get a generic image with some indications at the bottom and a blue horizontal line that runs from left to right, at about 60% that line with just pause there and will not continue and will never load the flight page… Can’t do ESC because it will not work, if I hit the Windows logo on my keyboard I will get the Windows menu, if I do End Task I will get that popup window with MSFS2020 there but will not say Not Responding, so I just end it from there. Load the MSFS2020 again and got ready for a flight within the scenery that came with it and it will fly, it just with add on scenery/airport. Airplane add on it seemed OK.

Anyone has experience something similar or any ideas/suggestions, thanks all are welcome.

Moved to #third-party-addon-discussion:scenery-packs as the OP mentions payware.

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