Add support for mouse wheel to change the UI settings sliders

Can you please add support for simply turning the mouse wheel in order to raise or decrease the setting value, when the mouse pointer is highlighting setting slider?

Thank you!

Brief description of the issue:

The UI requires the mouse pointer being placed over a very tiny region in order to grab a UI slider (like the Graphics Settings > Render Resolution slider).

However it is so tiny, and furthermore so fuzzy in VR when using lower resolution OpenXR Render Scaling / SteamVR Super Sampling, than it is sometimes very hard to just grab, let alone move it afterward without overshooting.

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Detail steps to reproduce the issue encountered:

Use the lowest OXR/SteamVR SS, enter VR mode, open settings, and try adjusting a slider in the UI (good luck).

Easy to implement and extremely helpful


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Totally agree. No idea why this wouldn’t be standard anyway in 2021-- in VR or not.


looks like as of SU10 the scroll wheel works on all sliders!!!