Add up/down tilting to 'Cockpit Camera' settings

I’m not sure if I’m posting this request in the right place. Would it be possible to add a slider in the ‘Cockpit Camera’ selection that would mimic the up/down tilting angle like you get when panning around with the mouse, sometimes I want the cockpit view to have a little height (which can be set) and then tilt down slightly, I know I can set a custom camera view for this but the custom camera views are a little funky because it will toggle between the last view selection making you press the key bound button twice to get the saved view you want back, so the main cockpit camera view is the only way for me to of any use, also can these cockpit camera views be saved as individual settings to each aircraft I set them up for, currently I have to go into the camera settings and readjust every time I load up a different aircraft.

Hi @anon20585776,
The #self-service:wishlist sub-category would be for this.

Have a look at the current wish for items before posting so a duplicate isn’t created. If one is there, cast your vote on that topic.

Here’s a listing in #self-service:wishlist for “camera cockpit”:
Search results for ‘camera cockpit category:163’ - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Feature requests should also be sent to zendesk:

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