Add Water Masking From Everyone of your Around the World Trailers. As of now 0 of them are in the sim!

Water masking look great on day one then the first patch broke it. It has not yet returned and all the “Around the World” trailers are just false adverting the sim because none of the shown water masking has been in the sim for over 2 months.

I hope they bring back one of the largest one in the world:

In the last Q&A session of yesterday they said that the process of making water masks is completely manual, they have not been able to automate it like the autogenerated buildings or trees. Obviously, the successive patches have affected the masks that were available after the launch, and they are resuming the laborious task. We will have to be patient, anyway they said that for the UK World Update they have added new water masks.

Url for Q&A at the time of answer is posted here

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EPIC VIDEO :joy: :joy::joy:

This item was delivered in World Update 3.