Adding world map star to 3rd party airport

Is there any way to star a custom airport someone else created?
Apart from contacting the creator, that is.
It’s easy to lose track of them when they aren’t always that visible on the world map.


No. You’d need their project files to be able to do it.

Would you happen to know why the star is not displayed despite some developers have indeed added it?
It happened to me with Tambor airport. The developer showed me how the star and plug are displayed in his map but in my map there is nothing.
He even showed me the section where you add that when developing the scenery

I can’t think of why it would show up for him and not for you.

Alrighty, thanks

You can create the same airport and build on it if you leave both installed. Just dont mark anything on the delete area and add for example a taxi parking position where you want.

You cannot add taxi parking to an existing airport without deleting the old taxi parking. You also need to create the runways for the taxi-parking to work and connect it all together.

What you can do is add objects and polygons and exclusion areas without having to delete airport items.

But, it’s easy enough to use Airport Design Editor to extract a stock airport and then use ADE or the default Scenery editor to edit the airport.

Back to the OP original question, if the star isn’t showing, I would assume the airport is not properly installed.