Addition to new runway

Hi It would be nice if the team would look at updating Brisbane Airport, Qld Australia as it now has a second runway.

see below link

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Yeah it would be nice, we took off from this RWY few weeks back and it’s bloody smooth! Also it’s weird how in game it says for the original RWY that it’s 19L and 01R yet only one actual RWY :slight_smile:

If you update the AIRAC data in FSX2020 then 01L and 19R all appear with ILS & RNAV approaches. I have landed a Cessna 208B on the 01L using ILS and I did not hit any trees but landed on the “Under Construction” runway with no obstructions. Also able to taxi easily onto the aprons.

Thank you ill check it out :call_me_hand:

how do you manually update AIRAC?