Additional (Advanced) Flight Training Lessons

I am actually quite happy with the existing flight training lessons; however, I would love to see more lessons added for more advanced manoeuvres such as stall recovery, spin recovery/avoidance, cross wind flight/landings, etc… Perhaps even include an option for 3rd party developers to sell “flight lesson” packages if this is not already possible?

So this does exist…

A very good example is FS Academy’s IFR training.
I have installed it, but not had time to really get into it yet, but here is the link.
IFR | FS Academy

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That’s awesome! Will they eventually add it to the in game market or are these always external addons?

I really don’t know.

All addons I have used have worked through the community folder, and been pretty simmple to “install”.

I have never looked at the game market.

Hi there,

I am expecting to be added into the Marketplace “Early 2021” according to Microsoft.

Also, if you are more focussed on VFR flying, FS Academy - VFR is now available too:



The FS Academy range is now available in the Marketplace


I agree! I wish MSFS would contact Rod Machado about making a flight school for MSFS like he did for FSX. The level of detail has been unsurpassed by any flight sim since.

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