Additions for the ingame Menu

I wanted to ask, if it is possible to add some features to the inflight-menubar.
My Ideas are:

  1. Make it possible to change playing live or with KI to change the weather and time. Maybe in the weather menu a tick you could do or something similar.
    (It is realy annoying to fly online at night and want to look at something…)
  2. A real Map like in the FSX with all of the options you got there (teleporting, changing altitude or speed) and the oportunity to FIND YOUR FRIENDS.
  3. The option to change your plane inflight

Would be very nice to see these features in the game :slightly_smiling_face:

two additions:

  1. to the second point (map) se airport / RWY information like ILS,…
  2. load inflight a new flightplan (I don’t think that is a thing what fore you should do an extra Icon in the
    menu but I don’t know aswell where to include. Maybe someone else has an Idea for that.)

and remove the active pause-button or change it, that you can select, if you want to not change speed in the pause

You can do that if you enable dev mode.