Addressing glossiness on matte textures

Can anyone point me in the direction of making matte or flat textures using PS… Doing an F14 Repaint that is not glossy

Have you seen this?

I have… Didnt think it pertained to what I was looking for, but wi revisit it

What you’ll need to do is grayscale edit the Blue and possibly green channels of the comp textures. If I remember correctly, blackish is chrome and lighter is less glossy in the blue channel (I may have that reversed).

I don’t see any _comp files in any of DCD’s files system

Based on the stearman, it looks like he calls the files

In any given livery, it consists of albedo (the main texture), comp (the finish file, including dirt, metal, and occlusion in the g b and r channels (I think I have that order correct), and the bump map or norm(al) files.

Different authors call them different things. The comp and bump map files will likely only be in texture.common, or whatever the base texture folder is. They then use those same textures for all the liveries they deliver with a plane, and each livery folder will likely consist of just the necessary few albedo files that make the livery different, and then the texture.cfg will reference the base texture directory for the missing files.

Just for fun, the same author may come up with different naming conventions for their files as they see fit even across different planes, but, for any given plane, the liveries will consist of those three types of files.

Hello I create liveries for fsx/msfs2020 conversion aircraft example: lear45 737-800 etc . Everything was great untill after the sim update 5 , now there is no shine or gloss at all on ‘any’ of the converted planes . Reading your above mention of albedo and comp folders . Is ther some way for me to add a file to bring the gloss back to my aircraft liveries , any ideas would help , I create on author Hessjett . Thanks for assistance

All of the textures would need to have been assigned to the model with the proper parameters for the textures to do anything. If you have access to the model, you can use ModelConverterX to assign such textures and parameters to surfaces in the model. You can also use the program to see what textures have been assigned in case not all the textures were delivered with the model, or your confused as to which texture a particular part of a plane uses.