ADF not working on BAe146?

Was running through the training flight and noticed the ADF doesn’t point towards any NDB when tuned to its frequency. Is this a bug or an issue with MSFS?

Did you activate the ADF on the pedestal Panel? You have to set the switches to on.
Not quite sure, but I guess i tried the ADF on an ILS Approach, but i got in trouble during the approach because of my autopilot settings and didn’t checked if it works.

My ADF works fine, but I wouldnt put it past MSFS to have issues. Did you try the ADF mentioned in the actual tutorial or were you near a different one? If the latter maybe test with a default aircraft.

As Sunday said, also ensure you’ve turned the power knobs to ADF and hit the VOR/ADF switch on the RMI. Sorry if you have already tried this but that’s all I can think of!

Yea ADF 1 and 2 is turned on and tuned to the NDB from the tutorial flight. Verified the correct frequencies with Navigraph. ADF is selected on both the CDI’s. I’ll see if it’s working on default aircraft

Sorry I can’t be more help! Just to double check, did you hit the VOR/ADF swap on the RMI?