Adjust Display brightness in aircraft?

Cant figure out how to adjust the main display brightness in the TBM, makes flying at night pretty rough.

Some aircraft do not have the option the Dim/Brighten the displays yet.

Unfortunately the TBM doesn’t have it implemented yet, unlike the King Air which also uses the G1000. It would be under the options on the touch-screen radio/fmc/map thing.

Alright thats good to know, thank you!

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Oh my, why wouldn’t they just put this code in all G1000 implementations. I 200% agree the screens are WAY too bright in most G1000 aircraft. It’s so bad you can hardly see anything on the ground at night.

yah, its early days tho.
I am fine waiting just wanted to make sure the devs knew how much i NEED IT :wink:


There is a way to adjust the brightness using the “Panel” knob. Simply edit 5 lines in the TBM .xml file.

Browse to the MSFS installation folder and open the “Official/OneStore” folder then find and open the following:

asobo-aircraft-tbm930/SimObjects/Airplanes/Asobo_TBM930/model/TBM930_interior.xml and delete or comment out all 5 lines located at line 2021 under that say:


Change it to the following without the brackets (the edit will not appear without the bracket).


You will now be able to use the “Panel” knob on the lighting console above.

All credit is due to kaosfere4829


Did we just become best friends

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OK. But how exactly do i find the line 2021?

Right click on the .xml file and select “Edit” then scroll down about 3/4 of the way and click on a line. Keep scrolling until you reach Line 2021 then make the changes.

In my case I had to delete the 5 lines after the latest update.

Many thanks