Adjust ground snow level under 'Live Weather'

Who here would be in favor of the ability to adjust ground snow level under Live Weather until the season issue is figured out by Asobo? Currently the option is greyed out yet when flying up north this winter it would be nice to add a realistic ground snow cover layer on the ground in conjunction with Live Weather. Snow in places like Minneapolis is on the ground for at least four or five months out the year despite having clear or scattered clouds. It would be nice to have accurate winds and clouds while being able to adjust the winter look. Just wondering before I submit a voteable topic for Asobo to hopefully consider.


I wonder how easy it would be to make this slider live when Live Weather is chosen.

I completely agree and in fact created this exact request in September:
Ability to Decouple Snow on Ground from Weather - Self-Service / Wishlist - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Only 20 votes at the moment, but please feel free to upvote and spread the word. :slight_smile:

Thanks, just voted on your thread.

Just to revive this topic, as of 2-2-22, no ability to modify snow depth (or anything) in real time weather. Yes, i know its “real weather”, but
Case in point… real weather did a bang up job on the storm that moved into OKC this afternoon. But the 8" of snow on the ground is rendered as nice grass and dirt. What a buzz kill.
Really, Asobo, a simple link to the weather modifiers would be awesome here.
If anyone knows where the active weather files are (as was in FSX) that can be copied and loaded as presets then modified, jump in here

It’s funny you say this since I feel there is too much snow represented when there should be a light dusting and a very stark transition to clear areas.

I think this is likely a ‘to be completed’ part of the weather overhaul since I swear it used to blend out a bit better. Snow cover has always been a bit excessive though. I guess they’ll sort it out when we get proper seasons.

Absolutely. Oklahoma has the weirdest weather. The same storm here could just have produced a dusting or even rain. This time it was 8” in just a matter of hours (last year it was a devastating ice storm).

Don’t really know an effective way for Real weather to guess at what’s current at GL.

That’s why I think adding the precaps and snow depth sliders to real weather might just be the easy work around and really allow users to ramp up their immersion. (3rd party gig, anyone???)

I have to say I was skeptical early on with how dedicated Asobo and MS were going to be but I have no doubt this issue will be addressed in some for in the future.

For now I’m happy as a clam!

This old post has been addressed by Asobo for the most part (there’s still some improvement to go). Just the same now with the weather engine accurate snow cover is on the ground where it wasn’t before which brought about this request to be able to add it ourselves. We are on WU7 and patched SU7. This post was suggested prior.

That is not the case (for me) the snow cover is at very low resolution relatively. This means when there is snow say above 3000m on the mountains in July, you will see snow in the valleys, where the temperature may well be 25 degs+. It would be nice to have a ‘snow line’ slider in MSFS settings, or otherwise higher resolution snow mapping as per Meteoblue - where valleys are really shown snow free. Also please don’t make rivers, lakes and sea automatically freeze every time there is snow on the ground.