Ads in the sim or Xbox Console Games ads?

Oh what a darama!
Decided to have a flight tonight.
I use both series x and pc, booted up the xbox, just because its easy.
Oh it did an auto update whist I wasnt looking, and oh my its horrible. What have they done, bombarded with ads for fortnight, minecraft etc etc… being 58 nothing that would apply to me anyway, main reason for series x was for the sim.
Opted out of betas etc, so needed to do an update, bricked xbox, spent the next four hours trying to get it back!
Now currently having to download 178gb @ 2mbs.
Why oh why are microsoft trying to push this homescreen update out still? They abandoned the last one!
It really is horensous with all the ads, targeted at folk like myself. They know I only sim, why target me with kids games, i will never induldge in?
Im done, at least we dont get this on PC (yet) so the xbox is in the bin, a few upgrades for the PC will be forthcoming
Really people dont like change much, if its not broke dont fix it, better still if it doesnt work, spend your effort and time on fixing it!

I know its just a rant, but will take me a few days to get it downloaded again, i just wanted a quiet flight somewhere, anywhere, the mood has gone!
Joys of living on a remote scotish island does that some times.

I used to sim on xbox and I have never seen a AD…

There have never been ads in the sim. Can you maybe provide more info on that?


I believe OP is referring to ads on the home screen of the Xbox.

Can i just also take this opportunity to point out I’m 53 and a big fan of Minecraft. It’s not a kids’ game, it’s just that there are a lot of minecraft YouTube videos by and for kids.


Hi there,

This thread was in the MSFS 2024 section of the forums. I moved it to Menus & Activities, where people discuss things that happen in the sim outside of flying. I also changed the title so it would be more searchable and people could see what the topic was about without clicking into it.


Those aren’t ads. They’re “what’s new” info on new games and Game Pass benefits.

If you see something for Mountain Dew, that’s an ad…