Advice on doing a REPAIR on MSFS

Since the last update I have CTD plus missing Quick Toolbar (ATC etc.), worked just fine before.
As it took 4hrs to load the game from DVD plus 4hrs of updates over my slow internet link a REINSTALL is not my favored solution.
Can anyone tell me how long the REPAIR option takes and particularly does it do any big downloads and if so any estimate of size.
I flagged my issues with ZenDesk but to date I only received some generic “solutions”, none of which apply.

Repair doesn’t repair, it re-installs.
So unless you have major problems that can’t be solved here,
I wouldn’t recommend it.
When do your CTD’s occur?
Do you have any addons in your community folder?

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So if you run the game, select a departure airport and fly, usually OK.
But if you change to another flight by return to Main menu, select another departure point and FLY, then it goes to the loading screen with the rear view of the Cessna 172, with the progressing load bar then crashes to desktop. Also since the latest update the Quick Toolbar with ATC etc on has gone.
Standard install of the game from DVD, no addtions/changes other than MS’s updates.
Worked just fine zero crashes until the last 2 MSFS updates they pushed out.

So is the toolbar gone, or just the click bar for it?
You might want to have a look at all your settings.
These last couple updates did change some people’s in game personal settings.
You could find something there has changed.

The clickbar I guess that appears when you hover near screen top. Any idea which menu contains the “switch” to turn it back on - if there is one?

Ok, read this thread and see if the suggestion here helps.

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