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So I’m struggling to decide which way to go right now. Over the coming year I want to upgrade both CPU & GPU, not just for this sim but for general gaming purposes. My issue is that I can’t afford to do both together, which ever I do first I will be waiting about 6 months before I buy the other and I know full well that means I’ll have to put up with a bottle neck either way for a while.

My current set up is as follows.

i5 7500
Asus ROG STRIX Z270E Gaming
4k Samsung TV (not enough room in here for a monitor and TV so the TV has to do both jobs for now)

My current plan for the GPU would be the RTX 2070 Super, I am aware the 3xxx series is dropping in September, but I have no plans to go there (and probably couldn’t afford it either). However I will wait until after in the hopes there might be a price drop on the current crop.

If the prices were to drop and I could potentially get a 2080 for the 2070 prices I’d surely do that.

From a CPU stand point I am torn between 9th gen and 10th gen.

My two options would be:
ASUS TUF Gaming Z490-Plus
i5 10600 / 10500
£390 / £366


Asus TUF Gaming Z390-Plus
i5 9600K + Cooler

The pricing is pretty much the same and from the benchmark videos I’ve been watching on youtube the performance is pretty similar. Please note I don’t really overclock the CPU so I don’t care between the unlocked “K” variants or not, I just went by which was the cheapest.

The real question here I guess is, is it worth going 10th gen with the new LGA1200 socket? The price point of both setups also mean I would probably double my RAM too which is why I favoured i5 over i7 or i9.


Which would give me the least amount of issues right now - GTX1060 with either of the new mobo/cpu set ups or the current CPU with a 2070 super?

And is 10th gen really worth it?

If I am honest I am leaning towards CPU first as I think it would really help specifically with Flight Sim particularly since I’d be doubling the RAM too. But I am open to any thoughts either way.

Your motherboard supports up to i7-7700K so you might also consider it for upgrading CPU without changing motherboard, to save some money if price for this CPU is reasonable

It is hard to say which way is better, bottleneck calculators you can find online consider your system well balanced so changing either component might cause the other to lag behind.

For the Flight Simulator, I think going for CPU upgrade first makes more sense. 1060 is surely capable of handling the game well, I am happy with how my GTX970 does the job.

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It’s not really worth it. 7700k (above) will give you similar performance to a 10600k, just with worse frametimes. Look into Ryzen 4000 when it launches this holiday season, intel 10 series will most likely go on sale.

Spend that money on a GPU instead.


One good upgrade would be an i7 7700K, with double the threads and higher frequencies it will improve the performance significantly.
For a GPU change I would wait for the RTX 3000 series release which will lower 2000s prices (especially the used ones).

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The biggest issue with the i7 7700 route is that it will only save about £50 vs a mobo/cpu upgrade. Although the 7700K is actually over £400. (using pc part picker for price guiding. Haven’t looked around properly yet.)

What ever I do I won’t be doing it until October, by then I’ll have a better idea where I stand with part costs.

Thanks for the input.

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I’d never buy a new 7700K… a used one could be a good deal.

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So I decided to go with the Coffee Lake Refresh option. Whether it will be the right choice in the long run remains to be seen, but right here and now it has done exactly what I had hoped.

It has completely eliminated the lag I was getting at large airports like Heathrow. While it hasn’t gotten rid of all the stutter (FPS drops under 10 briefly) the lagging for a second or so at a time is gone. With a GPU upgrade in a few months I will probably be able to get rid of most of that too.

Colour me happy.

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