Aerial and camera rotation generating Crashes (CTD)

Hello I have created close to 26 airports in France but for 2 of them I have CTDs when I rotate the camera above the airport even without loading the scene, just switching to DEV Camera mode and starting rotating it and zooming in and out. This happens when the aerial is generated and display. If I remove the aerial there is no other crashes. The 2 airports where this happens are LFTH and LFKS (both are close to the Mediterranean sea and in the same area, don’t know if there is a link ?).
For LFTH it is more rare than LFKS where it crashes systematically.

I don’t know why this happens only on some airports and not others, any idea?

Tech info : using update and SDK 0.6.1.

I found a solution, i have decrease graphical setting quality and it works, i suspect moving the camera very fast can cause issue in Ultra mode when the PC want to calculate to much information even with a RTX 2070 Super.