Aerobatics and FormationFlying

I have created a Discord Server called MFS Aerobatics and Formation Flying which can easily be accessed from or

As the name implies, the purpose of this server is for pilots interested in doing Aerobatics or Formation flying using Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The server is open for everyone to use for aerobatics or formation flying practice with other pilots using Microsoft Flight Simulator. There are multiple channels which can be used for slow prop planes, turbo props or jets. Pilots can select a channels base on what type of plane other pilots are flying. Something the pilots using the channels can decide.

The channels are on a first come first serve basis and additional channels can be added once activity picks up. This server is for everyone, beginners to experts. Those who know how to do Aerobatics or Formation Flying, please take the time to teach others and you can even be promoted to Squadron Leader category in the server. We also have two channels for those that just want to fly around without doing Aerobatics or Formation Flying.

For those not familiar with Discord, it allows you to talk to other pilots and stream your flight for others to see. The use of Discord is completely free. After selecting a channel, you just decide where in Microsoft Flight Simulator you want to practice Aerobatics or Formation Flying with others and you’re ready to go! Remember, in order to see other pilots/planes, you must be in multi-Player mode and on the same Microsoft Flight Simulator Server.

Aerobatic and Formation Flying how to documents and links will be added to a documentation Text Channel.

Another cool feature about this Discord Server is the Aviation-Wallpaer Channel. We are adding some very cool aviation photos that are large enough to be used as screen backgrounds or screen savers. New photos will be added on an almost daily basis from a collection of over 1000 super cool aviation photos. Besides Formation Flying photos, there will be photos of airliners, fighter jets, props planes and even aircraft carriers. Pilots are also encouraged to upload high quality aviation photos. None of the photos are less than 1920x1080 and many will be 4k and 8k, so we are talking high quality photos!

If nothing else come for the photos and stay for the Aerobatics or Formation Flying.

Uploading of Aerobatics or Formation Flying videos taken in our Discord Channel is encouraged.

So, come joins us, tell you friends about us, meet new friends, do some Aerobatics or Formation Flying and overall enjoy the Discord Channel!