Aerolite 103 Developer Unresponsive

Would be nice if they fixed the avionics so that the ADF actually worked and reverse the direction of the slip ball. Seems like Microsoft and Asobo have no interest in controlling their marketplace.


They have Control because they can determine who enters it.

It’s Policing the MarketPlace that they have no interest in getting involved with.


You are correct. In the february Q&A it was stated that MS has no plans to set or enforce quality standards for the Marketplace. As long as they get their cut of the profits they are happy.


Nemeth have fallen off the face of the Earth since publishing ONE update to their product MONTHS ago - a couple of weeks after it was released. Since then, they have been silent and unresponsive despite requests for fixes. Don’t support them anymore, it’s that simple. But this isn’t on Microsoft or Asobo, this is ON THE DEVELOPER.


This is very much a buyer beware marketplace strategy that is being taken - IE - MS appear to only be the gatekeeper and once you’re in, you’ve got free reign to produce what ever garbage or fantastic piece of addon you want. Definitely utilize multiple avenues of written-review enabled platforms before purchasing from the store (or any store, for that matter). There is nothing that can be done to evoke any response from this developer other than to no longer purchase their product, and if you’ve unfortunately done so already, warn others.

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I think that’s fine for those of us who frequent these forums or Reddit but there must be many more who have no idea and just assume that the shiny screenshots mean that the aircraft is of high standard. I’m not saying there’s any perfect answer, but it’s tough on those who don’t frequent the forums.


A good analogy here is BT STudio and their Kitfox. They are TECHNICALLY a Microsoft partner. No one has ever heard from them since and their one aircraft is sitting there without fixes to its glaring issues. I would not be surprised if Nemeth Designs is going to be just like it. Slap together an easy aircraft for a quick cash grab on the new platform, then walk away.

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the guy/s who run the publishing company stated they can’t afford to pay the devs enough cash to fix the issues.

it seems they may outsource their aircraft but have a hugely limited budget, hence no updates.

I don’t want to hear about their budgets. They (I don’t care who specifically, rather the entity entitled Nemeth Designs) put out a product, got a bunch of people to buy it. It was broken. The revenue has come in from sales. Additionally, the aircraft has recently become available on Marketplace (that was months after it sat without updates from EXISTING customers who bought it on SimMarket)… So I don’t want to hear about their budgets or who can’t afford to pay whom. If you can’t support your garbage product, PULL THE PRODUCT OFF THE MARKET.


don’t shoot the messenger…


Oh it’s nothing against you, just them. :wink:

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I think it was on their web page and was a response to another customer. ill see if i can find a direct link

there you go!


MS isn’t going to do anything about it. The trials and tribulations of small (in this case seemingly marginal) software developers and publishing houses was never intended to be policed by MS. The only concern they have is maintaining MarketPlace entry controls. They said that before, they’ll say it again.

Personally, another reason to really avoid Third Party Products until they have a reasonably good reputation and support terms. So far, I’ve only bought into one, and it’s not even an aircraft.

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