Aeroplane Heaven DC-3 for MSFS

Another encrypted plane with impossibility to correct issues and fine tune it !
B…t 2.0 !


The developer has the ability to submit a patch to MS.

True but both Aeroplane Heaven and Asobo tend to be quite hit or miss with updates.


Maybe because it is a free 40 year edition - they are not encrypted, like the Ac from last November.

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zu why would they encrypt free aicraft. They never did that. I doubt they will this time.

@JayDee and @darshonaut
I really hope you are right.
Weight and sea… :wink:

Is this the manual for the 40th DC-3?


More likely it’s the manual for their older version for Prepar3D.

I don’t know why you think the manual for an unreleased product which is going to be part of the core sim would be on a third party site like OrbX ahead of release.

Well the fact that the post was closed and locked by forum mod’s,
It’s also by Airplane Heaven
And the key binds look to be the same

All of Aeroplane Heaven’s P3D products, including their DC3, are now available as free downloads from Orbx, following their with withdrawal from P3D development. The Credits section on last page of the manual confirms the date of the document, plus as far as I am aware A2A are not involved in the upcoming release.

That is why I was asking, in a separate post on the general section. But an mod closed it in after only 25 minutes and pushed in to this one….

Did see that on the fandom page for msfs2020 40th that dose state is AH - FS2020: 40th Anniversary Update | Flight Sim Wiki | Fandom

Was looking at if whilst watching Resurrecting a Legend on Netflix after a blind Google search. Just to see if there was something out there yet. On the off chance, nothing more than that.

We the Mod Team moved it into this larger DC-3 thread. Go easy on the conspiracy themes. :sunglasses:

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We consolidate posts as needed. There is an existing thread. Your subject fell into it. Nothing more, nothing less. If you have further concerns, please DM @moderators and someone will respond.

Just a few more days now :slight_smile:

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Yes, and I really hope it’s good, especially the sound. The DC-3 is one my favorite airplanes and I need this to be as good as can be, even if it’s a free airplane. Especially because it is a free airplane. Chances are we will not see another attempt at creating a DC-3 for a looooong time, if ever, once a DC-3 is part of the default lineup.


The Porter got outside love, despite there being a default version.

Let’s hope this one is either really good… or really bad. The middle good-enough-ish ground is where it gets dangerous.


The default Asobo Porter was released after the MilViz/Blackbird one, though.


Oh, I had no idea. I started with msfs after they were both out.

But, as I understand it, FSG is also working on one - at least when circumstances will enable him to return to normal life.

Edit: I’m a little surprised that PMDG hasn’t yet decided (at least publicly) to make a DC-3.

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Yeah, that’s true.

Just Flight had some experience with this classic old bird, too!
Take a peek at their version for FSX.
A great sound package, too!

DC-3 Legends of Flight - Part 1 - YouTube