Aerosoft CRJ 550/700 FPS Increase

Have figured out how to get a 10fps or so increase by disabling the First Officers panels, because who really uses those anyways.

You’re going to want to head to this location
/MSFS FOLDER/Community/aerosoft-crj\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft_CRJ_700\panel
This is repeatable on the CRJ 550 as well.

Then open the “panel.cfg” file in notepad or notepad++

Then put some slashes next to these lines as shown below

Click save and then enjoy the FPS!
Let me know how much FPS you gained. I got around 10fps more.


Or you could just turn off the Copilot displays…

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wasn’t aware you could turn them off in the sim?

They don´t turn off completely because the dimming on the display units doesn´t work. I think turning them off in the panel.cfg also disables the calculation that does happen in the background.


Yea they will always do calculations even if they are visually off. With this, it stops all the calculations on those displays.


I think it was a video of someone who had the beta. But turning off the FO screens was an option in the EFB.

In my case I think I’m getting between 5 and 10 fps thanks to this.

Thank you for the contribution!

Now if Aerosoft adds an option to reduce the refresh rate of displays I think we can squeeze 5-10 more fps and that will make the CRJ really excellent for any configuration.

I have a very modest PC: i5, 16gb and 1080gtx, I’m now doing a night flight at 30fps.

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I wish I can turn off the FO display for all the other planes in MSFS, I need MOAR FPS!

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I have a modest PC! And I use HIGH config in the FS2020.
i7 7700K, 32Gb 3600Mhz, GTX1080.
With airplane cold and dark I have 58FPS
When I turn the painels ON, FPS decrease to 37FPS.
With your modification, I stay with 43FPS. Increase 6FPS, almost 16%.
Thank you!

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@CnR6005 What a KEWL fix! I shall have to try that out later! Now here’s a challenge for you!
Now see if you can locate the same thing for the A320nx? if we knew which of these panels this were we could also potentially see massive FPS savings. I don’t think there’s much point touching any of te project megapack stuff as their planes are very light on performance anyway (IMO) and I’ve never had any real problems other than the odd area which is scenery related.

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glad it worked well for you!

I gained 10-15 fps from doing this. Worked like a charm for me. Helped reduce the strain on the cpu after the sim update 3. Now I can fly until a patch has been released by asobo to rectify the performance degradation. Thank you

Specs 10900k @5ghz, RTX 3090, 32gb ddr4 4300mhz.

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Hope you guys are ready for when the PMDG planes arrive. In my experience, custom FMCs are very hard on performance. I anticipate a lot of complaints about loss of fps after they release. This is my humble opinion.


Really helped me get a stable FPS, no lower then 30 on short final whitch is where i seem to get the lowest fps. Before it was around 23-25 fps. So not that much of an FPS increase on my end but it definetly helped with stutters too.

I am somewhat CPU limited with an 4790 @ 3.60Ghz base clock

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@CnR6005 Hi buddy - I’ve sent you a couple of DM’s - can you please take a look - ta. You can see them at the top right of the screen next to your logo when you login & browse the forums.

Here is my experience at the CRJ550: the frame rate is unchanged. On my PC there is no need to deactivate the panels. The MSFS runs with 40 FPS very stable, with or without the panels.

Please note the PC configuration:
NVIDIA rtx 3080, Intel i9
FPS fixed to 40, in the NVIDIA config,
MSFS graphic setting: ULTRA

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Well instead of shutting off half of the cockpit, disabling various screens and gauges and turning all graphic settings to superlow until FS2004 graphics quality is achieved - I highly recommend upgrading the computer :wink:

(Works best with Radeon 5700 OC or XT.)
Please enjoy 10-15fps more - with every setting turned to ultra super maxed out.

I gained 10 fps! From 25 to 35.
Thank you!

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About to purchase the CRJ and already worry about the performance specs
i7 10700KF
32GB 3200MHZ
2060super 8gb Will report back

Update just loaded it up no issues with performance yet.Very smooth.40ish fps without any of the panel tweaks.If you are running a modern mid to high end cpu no need for that.

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Aerosoft CRJ is the best airliner for MSFS at the moment without doubt.

Performance is fantástic . Zero Stutters and smooth like butter.

MSI RTX 2060 súper
1080p 27" monitor no gsync.
Intel I7 10700
16 Gib RAM DDR4
SSD M2 1 Gb
Fiber 600 Mbps.
Graphics mostly Hight, some medium
Last nvidia driver
Vsync off
Multiplayer disabled, Real time traffic disabled