Aerosoft CRJ-550 Overhead Switches INOP

Getting this set up to use I notice that the following switches on the OH panel do not work. Passenger Signs, Emer Lights, Hydraulics - except for 3a. Anyone else seen this? I have Honeycomb Alpha and Bravo units but there are no bindings to these functions.

They do in fact work. You probably need to change your interface style. Multiple position switches can’t be operated by a simple click.

I would recommend reading the manual and watching the demo video

They do not, in fact, work on my set up. Many of the exact same type of switches do work. I’ve been simming for many years so I know my way around cockpits, and in particular Bombardiers. This is not working correctly.

The windshield heater switches don’t work either, but the probe switches and everything else around them do. Very weird.

Have you tried using the mouse wheel?

They all work fine without issue for me as well.

Think you have something else going on.

Three-position switches are operated with the mouse wheel.

  1. What mouse interaction method are you using?

  2. Have they ever worked for you on MSFS?

Put your ego in check Brian. This is not a Bombardier issue. This is a MSFS knowledge issue.


First - I don’t think it’s helpful or appropriate for you or anyone to make any comments about someone else’s personality in this or any other forum. Second, it can be helpful for those responding to original posts to know what level of skill and experience the poster has so they can target their responses more appropriately. Third, telling someone to ‘read the manual’ or watch videos, especially if someone is experienced, is not helpful when there is a simple explanation such as what HaliberQuacky provided. Fourth, this is the only implementation I know of with aircraft I use in MSFS or any other sim that relies on the mousewheel for three way switch interactions. All others allow click and drag.