AeroSoft CRJ 700 FMS Queston

When I inadvertently end up with DELETE in the scratch pad (the typing entry line) or INVALID ENTRY below that line, how do I get rid of them. I have tried everything I can think of and nothing removes them. And as long as the word DELETE is there I cannot enter anything else. There is probably a simple solution but its got me stumped. I also looked thru the manual but did not see this addressed.

Just clear on the FMC.

CLR button.

I should have mentioned–pressing the CLR button, multiple times, has no effect, and pressing the DELETE button again has no effect. Same if I press them on the FO’s FMC Nothing works.

Also, I have tried all the pages and all the buttons. The Delete and yellow Invalid Entry appear on all pages.

I told you it would be something simple—the spoiler handle was blocking the CLR key. Even tho I pulled the handle out of the way far enough to see the key, that wasn’t enough. I had to move the handle to the Max position to get it out of the way enough for the CLR key to activate.

hehe yep. See, this is why i personally like the modern cockpit controls with the blue highlight. I noticed fairly early on that the speed brake was blocking that button for me since it got highlighted and not the button i was attempting to click :stuck_out_tongue:

I set up custom views for all the things I need to interact with in the cockpit. Alt-1 for landing, alt-2 for overhead, alt-3 for FMS, alt-4 for radio panels… etc. This makes moving between things so much quicker and also makes sure I can position the controls on screen where they’re easier to activate. I also have my custom view focused on the first officer’s FMS so I only ever punch buttons on that one thanks to that speed break handle that’s totally in the way.