Aerosoft CRJ-900 in VR + VATSIM LIVE! | Regional Action!

This was the first time taking the amazing Aerosoft CRJ-900 up in VR on VATSIM and we did it all live on stream! We flew a real-world regional route from Cincinnati KCVG to Reagan National Washington, DC KDCA. The flight was great, despite the very high workload this aircraft puts on the pilot - especially in VR! It’s a great aircraft and fully VR-ready. I had no problems manipulating any of the controls with my yoke/TQ/pedals and the Oculus Quest 2 controller.

As I mentioned, workload in this aircraft is very very high - It is fast, there is no auto-throttle, and you have to manage the VNAV descent on the STAR manually. That being said, it is an incredibly rewarding aircraft to fly and it is a blast on VATSIM! I think the folks who watched live enjoyed this one, even though it was hard to keep up with the chat (it was hard enough to keep up with the airplane! :rofl: )

Hope you enjoy this one! I sure did.

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Completely ignorant comment/question…

Just wondering why an aircraft of this vintage doesn’t have A/T and VNAV? Is there a reason?

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I don’t know the real reason… but it could be related to the cost to implement such a system. And also could be because of cost to certify that kind of system… I would imagine one of the aims of regional carriers is to keep costs as low as possible.

I think some of the more recent CRJs do have VNAV… not sure about A/T, though.

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Yes, definitely plausible.