Aerosoft crj anomaly

Does anyone have it when you have started the aircraft and or in mid flight and you go to the sim menu (pressing esc) then right back to aircraft it reverts the aircraft back to its start state? Also was wondering if this is a simulator limitation and or just a coding bug?

It really sucks when you have done a 3 hour flight and need to change a setting and you go back to the plane and the whole aircraft reverts back to its start state you selected

I have the issue of having the default aircrafts’ engines die when I pause the simulator at all. Sounds similar and probably an issue with the base sim.

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I have this issue as well. engines turn off when you do a pause, and the turbine generator opens up, making a ton of noise to boot, and it can’t be closed without landing first.

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So scrapping through the aerosoft forums I may have found a temp solution. I havent tested it yet due to work being insane, but go to your control save the current profile as “GA” or “general aviation” then make a new profile and delete the mixture controls and save that profile as “airliners”. Looks to be a sim to aircraft communication bug. There was a thread about it in the aerosoft forums but aerosoft never commented on jt.

Ah yes, the solution to most problems. Scrap through the product forums lol

Half the time its either spend 600.hours trying to find a solution or do that and then take your knowledgeable data base from years and years of expiernce finding the ones that fits best with the problem and trying it. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. Worth a shot lol