Aerosoft CRJ bugs

head over to the aerosoft forums and post your issue there. That’s where you’ll get the fastest and best support.

@Vonzeigler, can you expand on what issues you are seeing? Yes, it should follow an ILS glideslope and RNAV / GPS Glidepath.

Keep at it- they’re really responsive. You’re not going to get much of any kind of support from here- just trolls and self-delegated forum police who don’t like you posting here, so you’ll be much happier over there. Honestly.


I have not been able to make the aircraft rotate. As much as I pull back on my yoke it wont lift up. It just keeps rolling on the ground. It is weird because I can see the stabilizer and move up and down when I move my yoke, same with the ailerons.

Are you on the Modern flight model? Have you read the manuals, or at least followed the Tutorial flight?

I can’t find an FSUIPC binding that works correctly for the throttles. I ended up binding them through the sim which is a bit of a pain. See posts here:

The instructions are clear on this - multi position switches or rotary switches require a mouse wheel to change

I’m having trouble getting the autopilot to engage.

I’ve watched multiple tutorials (including The Dude’s) and nothing seems to work. FMS is selected, flight plan is input correctly via FMS and shows on the ND, but when I click the engage AP button, it immediately plays the autopilot disengage warning sound and never engages. I’m sure I’m doing something wrong somewhere, but I haven’t been able to figure it out yet. Is anyone else experiencing this?

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@ProCamper965182, are both YD (Yaw damper) switches engaged on the center pedestal?

Ah, I did miss that, but now when I go to click them (mid-flight) they won’t turn on.

Ok, not sure on that one. I do know the YD1 and YD2 switches don’t light up when on. Is there an EICAS message on the MFD that says something along the lines of Yaw Damper Off or Inop?

No, there’s no warning on the ECAM page. There were a couple caution messages that I think were unrelated but I just quit the flight so I’ll try again another time and see if I can get everything done in the right order.

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you’ll get a message that says Yaw Damper Off

I highly recommend working through the Tutorial (Vol 3 of the manual)

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Assuming it is still happening after you emgage the Yaw Dampers, one thing I have heard of from users of the Honeycomb Alpha yoke is you must turn on Avionics Bus 1 switch on the Alpha yoke (sounds like a key binding issue, but passing it on in case it helps others). Not sure if that applies in your case.

I have flown this aircraft with pilot CRJ 700 real and I can say that his systems are like in the real plane, except in some small detail that will be corrected

  • strange behavior when intercepting lane
  • L / R Engine Start Buttons
    should be

Currently they are:

I disagree. The Start buttons are

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They ARE in FUNCTION, but the backlighting on the button is wrong. Aerosoft said they missed that one and will correct it. You can BARELY see it, so I didn’t even notice it at first.

I see. Well it sounds like both of those issues are known by Aerosoft and will be corrected

I have a throttle quadrant. The quadrant has a click position at the bottom that acts like a key or button. I mapped those to “decrease throttle 1” and “decrease throttle 2”. Once you are at idle if you decrease the reversers engage.
I think that will work for you as it worked for me, the trick is to map “decreate throttle 1” and “decrease throttle 2”.
Also remember to arm the reversers in the pedestal on your final approach or they won’t work.
Now why would you need to “arm” reversers is something that evades me, I guess the Bombardier guys thought it was prone to accidental in flight reverse activations.