Aerosoft CRJ delayed + new trailer

Perhaps unfortunate, but not unexpected I guess.

"Dear FlightSim Community,

We feel the expectation on us to give official information about the release of the Aerosoft CRJ 550/700 for the Microsoft Flight Simulator.

In this regard we have a concern and we’ll keep it short: We made a really tough decision to postpone the CRJ release into the first quarter of next year. This decision wasn’t easy for us, because we know how much anticipation there is in the community for this add-on.

We have decided to do so, because we want to deliver a CRJ that meets all expectations, but we have not reached this level yet. We need more time for the development and beta testing. We hope the additional time allows us to complete the necessary work to provide the highest quality and the best possible experience for you right from the start.

We therefore hope for your understanding. However, we do have a little present for you. The first official teaser:"

Boy, isn’t this a thing of beauty.

Luckily, the FBW team is delivering beyond my highest expectations, so the wait won’t be as painful :smiley:


Wow bummer … especially after the teasers before Christmas :frowning:

I suppose that was just hyping … to bad the software market is all about that …

Insert Shigeru Miyamoto quote here.

Sad news. But it’s right way. Delay for quality.


Flight simulators usually prove Miyamoto wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:

They’re usually “rushed” because they never release perfect, but they eventually turn out good in the end lol.


Even other genres are proving him wrong, look at cyberpunk.

Flight sims in general I don’t think can ever be finished, there is always going to be that little bit more they can add. Be it Xplane or P3D or MSFS.

Still, if Aerosoft feel they need more time, I am alright with it. It’s not like anyone else is making a CRJ.


Yeah, same here. I’m having a great time flying the FBW 320, and with how quickly they’re adding new features, I don’t think I’ll get tired soon.


“into the first quarter of next year”? That would be Friday, right? :thinking:


haha, realistically, I don’t expect it before a month at the earliest. Otherwise, they’d have said January.

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I don’t mind the delay if it means putting some more finishing touches to the product. I wish more software vendors take the time to finish products, instead of releasing massive day 1 updates or products that are not fully tested.

Aerosoft will be taking my money when this is released!!


Another few months is not much to wait. I’ve got $70 is Xbox credits ready to go.

I’m curious if the SDK is not the bottleneck anymore after Sim Update 2? Do they have all the tools they need from Asobo/MS?

surprise surprise…

Even Aerosoft should eventually have noticed that giving release dates or even just expectation has never turned out well. Mathijs is such an old dog to flight sim, he totally knows how it works and he makes this same mistake every single time… hype is nice and well but it’s THE reason why Aerosoft has the reputation is has. A330 etc… No need to be the first if you’re good… for a change.


Ah, not a big surprise: Aerosoft, the king of all delays… :upside_down_face:


Sad news, however very assertive act. Thank you, Aerosoft, for sharing this with us when we still have Holiday Sale in the Marketplace. Now we have better situational awareness to plan our budget. I wish you a better 2021 and wait for your CRJ patiently.


Good move, i would rather it works as it should, than chasing the tail with updates


Wished they would do a 100/200 too

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Why so negative? Why can’t it be that they found an issue that they couldn’t solve, Asobo is away for the holidays, so now they need to dial back and get it fixed? He said all along the “Hope” is for Christmas, but there’s no guarantee. They are as excited to release this product as you are to get it. Christmas is a time of much discretionary spending, so, to have missed that window was pretty serious for them.

It’d be one thing if they’d taken pre-orders with a promise. There was nothing of the sort.


Take all the time you need love :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Lol at start I though they delay until first quarter of 2022 cause they say next year xd i was wtf they supose to release soon and now 1 year delay jaja

I cannot wait for this, and the trailer looks awesome, can you imagine flying this in VR!