Aerosoft CRJ delayed + new trailer

Well … if its “very soon” and hints of “ before Christmas “ … and now a quarter of a delay there could be 2 issues.

  1. it was hyped and probably not in ready state at all before Christmas ( hence sudden downgrade of expectations by marketing team and whistling back Mathijs )

  2. they completely missed a HUGE issue that causes weeks of delays due to reprogramming by a complete software team. I do not believe the last option knowing how software is hyped nowadays ( not only the CRJ )

Both options i think are very bad. And its not positive that its postponed at all if there is a big isssue … it should be NORMAL that its not released with big issues. To me negative that nowadays its considered as a positive thing in general to release without major issues. Like i said … it should be considered normal !

Interesting how everyone jumps to the negativity end of the scale here which is so typical of these forums. Its all deliberate hype, or that’s how the software marketing works, they were testing the market or whatever.

Sometimes things don’t go to plan. Not deliberately, but something doesn’t go as expected. More testing is needed is what he says. That’s a good thing surely given the abuse Asobo have been given by the collective voice on this forum since launch.

It’s delayed into the first quarter. Not by a quarter. Sure it could be 3 months, but that’s not what he says. Why vague on dates? Well that suggests they are unsure of what is causing the problems they’ve found or they are unsure of how to fix them. Or a combination.

As someone else says, he didn’t says January so is obviously something relatively significant that will take at least a few weeks.

Whilst disappointing, it’s not as disappointing as releasing early with a major flaw or two. Imagine the vitriol they would get from these forums based on past experience.

You reap what you sow. Asobo have moved to fewer updates with longer delays because of it. Aerosoft are unwilling to take a risk and have delayed.

I’d do the same in their shoes.


This year
Few weeks
Very soon
Hope before Christmas
Here is Reference guide
Here you have manual part 1
Close now
Here you have manual part 2

You are a bit naive suggesting this is not hyping. And then the aerosoft marketing dept took over … and a week later … Q1 ( believe me … that is not next week )

I agree partially with you … but they are not “heroes” for not releasing in error state … again … it should be NORMAL in the first place.

And if they found a last minute error that is so big it takes weeks to fix ( perhaps months ) … thats weird also. If its so big and missed all that time … i wonder what minor stuf will be found by customers uppin release


Half empty or half full. Your choice. I know how I prefer to live my life


As much as I hate working that airplane on a daily basis…I was also bummed it wasn’t included.

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I work with Challenger 601s, and a crj100 would have been the closest to fly it. Hope they will do 1 someday

The funny thing about this is that if they don’t give release dates there are just as many people who scream about it. Case in point was the Airbus series for P3D. After missing some deadlines the company decided not to keep posting release dates on that product. A good many people were outraged, saying that any company that new what they were doing would be able to give release dates. It always seems to be damned if you do or damned if you don’t with these kind of things and there will always be people who are upset on one side or the other.


You forgot to mention the weeks of holidays that intervened once they missed their pre-Christmas release date (which, you seem to forget, hinged on Asobo fixing some stuff for the 12/22 release, which clearly broke things, too)… and we’re talking European companies here, where the workers have learned that it’s in their best interest to set boundaries to help maintain their life and health, unlike Americans, who seem to think it’s their company’s god given right to own them… (And yes, I live and work in the US).

(And you sound rather untrusting of the good intentions of others… but, if paranoia makes you feel better, so be it)


Once people know that you don’t give release dates they will shut up… But if you listen to those few unbehaved you’ll always find yourself in embarrassing situations that could have been avoided. Look at PMDG, FSL, TFDi, Majestic… all they say it will be released once it’s ready. There are a few who keep carefully asking, often humorously, but the rant is only there where devs actually give dates. AS, QW etc. And they have NEVER hit a single one of their dates, the products are ALWAYS delayed ^^ It’s flightsim development… a moving target and constantly progressing techniques.

Sorry but my experience is they will not shut up. Like I said, I followed the development of the Aerosoft A320 series and some people were relentless and frankly extremely rude to that team right up until the aircraft was released. I even see this kind of thing in these forms. Sadly some people are patient and understand development takes time and others are not. I do agree that setting release dates is always a risk and I don’t understand why any company these days would do it considering the outrage they feel if they miss the target.

It might be a dubious marketing decision, on one side they skipped christmas and that is probably an important loss. On the other side they keep building hype and there’s absolutely no competition in terms of payware airliners for MSFS so they probably calculated that they can only get more sales.

It is probably going to be the best aircraft produced by Aerosoft, which will likely put the CRJ between a default aircraft and a study-level plane. The price is probably high if we think ahead but today they can price it anywhere between 30 and 80 dollars and get, probably, the same number of sales.

The aircraft to me, personal opinion, is a disgrace, I don’t like it as a passenger and I probably won’t like it as a pilot but I’m going to buy it about 15 seconds after it is released. That probably sums up the state of affairs for MSFS. I’m going to pay 50-70 dollars for an aircraft I don’t like from a company that I don’t trust very much. In one word: desperation.

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And you forget to mention that Aerosoft has a BIG influence on SDK and development with Asobo. And have a history on stuf like this.

And yes correct … i do not thrust … the hyping is nothing new … no secret … and ignoring is dumb. Happens with almost all software… especially games.

Take Air Hauler 2 … it was ready for weeks and when the developer was asked about it he admitted it was waiting on Justflight to find a “correct date” to release. Why ? Extra time for press release and hyping.

Just because they are working with Asobo, and asking Asobo to do/fix things for them, does not mean they have any control over what gets done when.

Nor does Asobo for that matter. They can estimate based on past experience, but, it’s pretty rare things get done on time when development schedules are crushed too short.

Man, you need to spend some time in a development environment.

In this particular case, you are not going to miss the Christmas season to find a better date for sale in February… unless it’s associated with a trade show. They lost a ton of money by not releasing before Christmas. I’m going to assume that’s because they wanted to get it right and avoid the ire of all those entitled people who think they deserve the release of their product when the temperature gauge is off (for example).

And in the end, who really cares???


Who says i am not ?

A good hype is more profitable then Christmas ( sorry santa :santa:)

Also please note someone at Aerosoft also mentioned the last patch looked good ! Guess who said it looked good …

Even if there was a small bug … should be solvable in a few days by a team of proffecionals . But a push of release for at least weeks is not a small bug … its breaking.

And the way it was hyped i do not believe they missed a game breaking bug … weeks to fix … just a few days after Christmas .

They released a manual of hundreds of pages for heaven sake !!! You are not releasing a manual to the public for stuf that is not tested !!

Could be of course … but then they have been sleeping for months ( and i do not believe that either )

Please note what freeware “amateurs” are doing to solve their issues after a patch release. Few days and viola !!! So aerosoft and PMDG professionals can not build a plane in a few months ? With all the experience / money and know how … come on wake up

You indeed are not.

It’s always funny to see people who are convinced they know what they’re talking about when dealing with products of this complexity while proving that they don’t know a single thing in the same post.

The comparison with “freeware amateurs” is absolutely silly and massively ignorant. They don’t have any responsibility to deliver a product to paying customers. It’s an entirely different working method with an entirely different set of responsibilities and it’s not interchangeable.

Only someone who knows absolutely nothing about game development (and even more so about the development of extremely complex software like a flight simulator) would make this comparison.

The only one who needs to “wake up” here is you.

What are you desperate for? The FBW 320nx offers a great airliner experience and makes massive progress every day. It’s already light years ahead of anything any other simulator had 4 months after release, both freeware and payware.

If you’re desperate for a payware airliner, then don’t be. Even if Aerosoft releases it in exactly three months, it’ll still be much faster than what it took for previous sims (over a year at the very least) to receive a comparable add-on. The “state of affairs for MSFS” is that it’s getting more and better third-party content than any previous sim had before much faster.


I fly the FBW A320NX every day, sometimes it is good to change aircraft. At least to me it is fun to fly different planes. That’s why they are going to make a ton of money…

Lol … man man … you think u know the world huh

So how many examples can you find of companies with “responsibilities” and not taking it ? Why ?? Because in the end its the same and they just want to release and make money. OR they want to hype and make money.

And some have perfect products … but intentionally delay it for money sake. There is NO commercial developer doing it for fun ( otherwise it would be freeware ) … its al about money.

Clearly you did not read my post good enough. But he … happy 2021 in advance … hope we will have some good payware / freeware in GOOD HEALTH

Of course, companies want to make money. That absolutely does not mean that they don’t also work out of passion, and this sentiment is very common among game developers.

Saying that delaying a product is only due to money concerns is absolutely ignorant. There are plenty more factors that go into that decision.

I agree, but we should consider ourselves lucky that we have the 320nx and the CRJ is coming reasonably soon, because the first year in previous flight sims was even drier in terms of anything more complex than toy planes.


Don’t go out like this…:cry:

So what do i need to say fo make you happy ?

I can say whatever i want … but will that help ?

Smart man … use your brain

I mean … i’m discussing with people that believe that professionals have way different responsibilities then the freeware people ( i mean PROGRAMMING wise ) .

I disagree … Cj4 cockpit ? A320nx ? Complex Functions added … perhaps jn a few months payware quality. Made by “amateurs” … no finance … free hours spent etc etc etc
The FEEL the same responsibilities and are hammered if something is not working. And they can fix complex issues … in a few days normally …

Now after all the hyping by aerosoft … there suddenly is such a big issue that the “professionals “ can not fix in a few days ?

If not … it was a Huge issue … so why say before Christmas release … hype the product by releasing manuals ?

Money and marketing

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