Aerosoft CRJ Glideslope Question

Hey guys,

probably I making something wrong…I just enter the ILS Freq of the approaching runway into the NAV1. The localizer captures without a problem but not the glideslope. There is still missing the green diamond, mine is only blue …

Someone any idea?

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kaese5128 did you push APPR mode on the AP panel before the capture waypoint? It needs to be selected for the GS to show.

Also make sure you are capturing the glide slope (from below the glide) not above the glide slope.

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I’m pushing the APR mode before capturing… and I also tried different altitudes for captchuring the GS…
it doesn’t work…

sorry to hear you’re having trouble capturing the GS. One thing I noticed (once GS has been captured) is the aircraft seems to descend/dive below the GS. I read on the forum that it is best to try and capture the GS from a continued descent (as opposed to a level alt). Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t

I’ve not experienced problems capturing myself, like Codethemode13 though it likes to descend below it once you’re on it.

I take that back. I have had a couple troubles with Rnav approaches, but not ILS. I have done both ways with the ILS leaving the nav source as FMS1 and manually changing it to VOR1. But it seemed to follow better if I switched it manually before intercepting.

Was this an ILS or RNAV appr ?

It was an ILS approach… LOC works finde but the GS Information is only shown in white on the avionic…

Did you change Nav Source to VOR1/LOC?
That should change your needles to „green“ and activate the GS indicator

There is a known issue with the plane slowly descending below the glide slope. Over at the Aerosoft forum there is long thread about this, but it has gone south big time with users and moderator accusing each other of being demanding/condescending/ungrateful and whatever. To be honest, the Aerosoft staff did not make a great impression to me. But they are very aware of this issue and have tried several workarounds. Basically they are saying that right now, they can’t do much about it because the complexity of their aircraft forces them to use GS calculation techniques that work worse than simpler approaches like in the FBW A320.

As for the visibility of the GS diamond, you can turn the “mode” knob to switch the display to HSI mode and get a much better visible GS indication.

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