Aerosoft CRJ Hold at ODEZZ from BQN at TJBQ Didn't Work?

This is probably something silly I forgot, but I had a flight plan from TJSJ to TJBQ with RNAV 8 from BQN loaded. I was in NAV mode at 2500 when reaching ODEZZ, and instead of flying the hold, the AP just started dancing left and right. The hold was depicted correctly on the map. Any thoughts what I may have done wrong? APR mode?

Did you explicitly tell the plane to hold there or did you assume it would?

Not explicitly… the flight plan leg showed “HOLD AT ODEZZ”, and it’s a mandatory hold in lieu of a procedure turn from BQN. I thought that was enough. Maybe not?

I think mandatory means it’s mandatory for you to tell the plane what to do there.

This video seems to show a programmed hold being flown by the AP: MSFS 2020 | Aerosoft CRJ HOLDS Tutorial - How to fly an Automated Hold in the CRJ700 and CRJ550! - YouTube

I wonder if it’s different because it’s a hold that’s in lieu of the procedure turn.