Aerosoft CRJ in VR

Hi guys, i noticed two issues with the CRJ in VR, one is that the rest camera is not align with the captain seat and i also noticed that depending on each time the simulator is started you need more than one click in order to have a reaction. Are you guys having the same issues?

The CRJ is not approved for VR yet. Use it at your own risk.

I’m only purchasing 3rd party payware that has some sort of “VR Ready/Tested/Optimized” disclaimer.
I’ve learned my lesson from XP11…

Amen to that !!! Too much money for something I would be frustrated with. I only do vr.

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I’ve had loads of fun in VR with the CRJ, apart from, as in the OP, where the default viewing position for the pilot appears to have been changed in the update to one that is obviously too far back.

This is a bit of a surprise considering, like the RL cockpit, there is a visual aid for pilots to know that they are sat in exactly the right position. The “3 balls” between the 2 windshields are are designed specifically for this purpose, yet viewing these “3 balls” from the new position shows that this position is not correct.

Never mind, it only takes a few moments and a few presses of alt and up arrow to correct the problem. I might even be tempted to edit the appropriate config file to save me the job.

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If you want to be super careful, wait until it is officially VR approved. Having said that, I exclusively use it in VR, and I haven’t had any major issues, other than those inherent to VR itself. It my opinion it works very well in VR…


I am not bothered by the need to adjust seating position because I adjust it all the time in all a/c.

What bothers me most are two issues:
1). The 3D mouse floats a few inches above the surface of FMS. It is hard to click the buttons I want. I have to close one eye (forgot which, probably the left one) to make the mouse align with buttons to press them. Same thing with EFB. The mouse is not exactly on the surface. If you look with one eye only at a time, the mouse falls on two different spots.

2).The information on HUD appears as two images widely apart. It is like reading a sheet of glass with words written on it right in front of your nose. I have to lean back and read it like a computer screen. This totally kills the purpose of HUD, which suppose to display information while you keep your eyes on runway.

The HUD in MFS is difficult and as of right now impossible to have perform as it does in RW. For a HUD to work properly, it has to be an “Optically Collimated Image”. That means that your don’t have to refocus your gaze to read the images in the HUD - you keep your “long range” vision active by looking out into the distance as you normally would and you can still read the HUD display (quite a neat trick if you think about it). If you’ve used the PMDG HUD in P3D and maybe even FSX, you will know what a proper collimated image looks like. We shall see if PMDG can bring this to FS - sure hope so.

In addition to @PilotOhmar 's first gripe, I have another with the CRJ. The fonts on the displays are small - some are saying too small compared to RW and I’d have to agree with them. The biggest issue for me is changing the preselected altitude value. Not only does the mouse “hover” over the selector knob but when you start turning it and move your head and view slightly to the left in order to read the display, the mouse will come off the knob and ends up centered in your view as you look at the display. Very, very annoying. A little workaround I use for this is to swing down the HUD and use that to view the alt changes I input. The HUD fonts are easier to read when up close. Now, I’m using a Quest 2 on a moderate machine so maybe G2 users with strong rigs don’t have as much of an issue reading the displays.

If you’re thinking about purchasing the CRJ I’d recommend going to their forums to look for issues like these. That said, I like the CRJ warts and all and will continue to fly it hoping for improvement in VR performance.

Hope this helps.


The seat camera aligns for me when I press “F”, have you tried that?

But otherwise, yes, it is misaligned but pressing “F” places it where it needs to be.

Mouse focus thing happens to me too but in all the planes and all the sims. I just close my right eye while looking, pushing the button, uses your left side to focus on switch.