Aerosoft CRJ not adapted to VR controller support

I checked briefly how Aerosoft CRJ copes with Reverb G2 VR controllers. It’s bad - CRJ is not adapted to VR control, despite the recelty released CRJ update.
Extermely hard to locate the “ray” on the FMS buttons, especially the small line select keys.
The “ray” is dissaperaing, to see it you must keep the thumbstick set.
I’m unable to operate the 3-postion switches at all.
Seems like the CRJ is not even properly compatible with the “lock” interaction mode which is prerequisite for VR controller operation.

Due to general “known issue” interaction in VR with the tollbar is not possible so you can’t invoke ATC window and request pushback. Maybe the option is to turn off collision detection and taxi through the terminal building?

And temporary switching to 2D (to interact with ATC) is also not possible, as it causes CTD on Reverb G2.

Definitely nothing to celebrate after SU7 :frowning:

I moved this to #third-party-addon-discussion:aircraft as, even though it is a VR issue, this is the forum for all 3rd party content.

I not happy about moving this, could you please bring it back - this post is strictly about VR.

@stekusteku I checked to make sure that I did the correct thing in moving this thread.

As the issue concerns the set up of the CRJ to work with VR then this is an issue for Aerosoft to address and therefore this thread is best served here in the 3rd party addon section of the forums.

It might be an idea to alert Aersoft to the issue on their forums, as it isn’t something primarily for MS/Asobo to address and the CRJ issue is not directly related to the base functions of the sim’s VR systems.

OK Your decision.
I only wanted to inform the fellow VR users that the only study level jet airliner available for MFS2020 (and the only add on for which the updates are announced on the main announcement part of this forum) is not flyable with VR controllers. I also wanted to hear some advice how to work around the issues.
But in the meantime I discovered that even the default Asobo planes are not adapted for VR controllers (C172 classic) so I will no longer bother with VR controllers.
I created a bug report for lack of C172 classic VR support, but I don’t think it is a bug, it was probably decided at Asobo to meet the SU7 deadline, and despite paying more for the premium version of the sim which includes C172 classic, I don’t expect this omissions to be corrected anytime soon.

To say even more I will not bother much flying in MSF2020 at all because it’s not possible with corrupted toolbar menu (invoking pushback not possible, I can’t even switch from VR to 2D temporarily without causing CTD) and I fly solely in VR.

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