Aerosoft CRJ - Really struggling with this aircraft

No, I don’t have either problem.

Have you set the flight model to Modern?
The yoke is calibrated via the menu in the CRJ-EFB?
The CRJ has received an update, have you installed it yet?

Do not make any weight changes via the Aircraft /Weight & Balance menu of the MSFS, just check that the Empty CG Position % MAc is at 35%.
Send all weight changes directly to the FMS via the CRJ-EFB only.

Agreed, get used to using the fly pad with the CRJ and do not change anything via the Asobo menu’s other than picking a livery, selecting the modern flight mode and tuning your joystick dead zones.

The issue with the oscillation around the roll axis is only present with strong crosswinds. If the aircraft is struggling to keep on track because of heavy winds, you need to decrease your speed and maybe help it with flying heading mode.

Mine won’t even get off the ground now since the update

Thank you - very helpful. I have updated the CRJ - I didn’t realise there was an update - thanks for that tip off. I have ran a flight since the update and only used the weights/balance in the EFB. Still no joy.

I don’t have an option in the options menu to calibrate the yoke - there is an option to calibrate the throttle, but not the yoke - is this the same for you? I have checked the controls pre-flight to ensure the elevator and ailerons are working and they appear to be - free movement of the control surfaces - but still can’t get the aircraft to rotate.

Very frustrating…

Make sure you don’t have a speed brake or flap axis set. There is an issue with speed brakes “stealth” deploying when you have an axis set when returning to the game after hitting escape. There is no visual indication when this occurs (the speed brake handle shows fully retracted and no speed brakes are extended in external view), but it will definitely make takeoffs difficult and climbing nearly impossible. You may be able to mitigate the issue when it happens by manually extending and immediately retracting the speed brakes, but the best option is to just remove the axis altogether so you don’t experience the problem.

There are some great videos too. Edwardthepilot is on twitch and is a real CRJ pilot. It really helped me understand the plane. Also this is one plane that I had to step through the tutorial a couple of times. Much more realistic than the CRJs in X-Plane. Very pleased with this purchase.

Search…Thedudecrj…in You tube…superb tutorials

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im struugling to fly this thing to
at the moment all my dials and gauges are frozen all because i was playing with the fmc. all the dials and controls are displayed and i can move buttons and stuff but nothing changes on dials and screens for example i reduce thrust to idle but airspeed does not show im slowing
fmc i just can not do anything with it. its frozen completely

You really should do the Tutorial flight from the documentation. It answers all questions and teaches you everything you need to know

To be honest I not even looked at any documentation or read the handbook so I will now
This plane just not doing it for me yet as it’s not working for what ever reason that might be such as my errors of throttle quadrant or the crj
After today’s happenings I’ve deleted it but I’ll install again and do a bit of reading

You can’t expect an advanced third-party addon to behave like a default aircraft. Would you buy an advanced piece of lab equipment and not read the manual and expect it to work like your home microwave?

Of course you’re going to have problems until you read the documentation.

If you are not one for reading the documentation of a third-party addon, then maybe this is not the plane for you.


I think that’s hilarious!

To paraphrase: “I can’t fly the plane, haven’t read any documentation and have now uninstalled it”.



No that’s not what I’m saying. I’ve Used flight sims most of my life. I think I was quite so called clued up on flying a plane as it was my life at 1 point. I flew on ivao and vatsim every Friday and Saturday night and did belong to BAV and Thomson virtual many moons ago
I had fsx and 2004 and 2002
Any that’s here nor there. Padgett 737 is untouchable in my eyes and this plane not even come close to it even though it’s was like £40 or so
I am a enthusiast so to speak and yes I agree totally default planes are nothing like a play ware plane. I like and want realism but the crj is not cutting it yet
As I said before that I’m having issues and it’s turning me off it st the moment but I will give it a chance and read the manual

In today’s world it’s so easy to get on a forum and find or ask a solution rather than working it out yourself. I probably get on flightsim now once aweek and when I do I just want to fly lol

Just to say yeah you all right about reading the documentation but I don’t think not being able to shut down engines or disks and screen freezing is through reading.
Please tell me I’m wrong there as I not got my facts right until I read up but that sounds like a program issue or pc issue to me

We all like a discussion tell me you views please as I do want to be happy with this plane

I’m not sure what you mean about “not being able to shut down engines[,] or disks and screen freezing”. I am able to shut down engines fine. I don’t know what disks you are referring to and my aircraft screens do not freeze.

I have noticed that getting the CRJ installed was a bit difficult especially after the update. You cannot just hit the update button in the Content Manager. There are a few extra folders that the CRJ installs that have to be deleted first. I suggest you look through your Packages folder and remove all aerosoft-crj folders you find and then re-download the entire plane and go through the setup again.

In summary, it sounds like your problems are more due to a bad install (admittedly Aerosoft’s fault but not a fault with the aircraft) than a bad aircraft.

I am very disappointed in the Aerosoft CRJ. After all the hype of the last 6 months, it is incomplete and buggy.

  1. If I simply tell it to spawn at a gate or parking spot at an airport, without any destination, on any other aircraft that means Cold & Dark start, and you have to program everything. On the CRJ, the engines are started and pushback has been started (and no, the copilot AI is not turned on).

  2. No checklists. I know they provide PDFs, but the in-game checklist is a nice feature especially using Evaluate with an unfamiliar plane to walk you through things.

  3. No tooltips. Hovering the mouse over a control should give you a bit more info on what a switch or knob does, especially when dealing with unfamiliar abreviations. My personal favorite is MECH/Push. If I push that button does it call a mechanic?

  4. The autopilot has been the subject of various youtubers’ complaints, even from professional pilots. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t and you have to hand-fly the rest of the mission.

I know that autopilot bugs are complex and may need ironing out over time, but Items 1,2 and 3 are no brainers and easy fixes that it should not have been launched without being sorted.

Otherwise it’s a beautiful model, and I hope I can fly it more soon. Right now, until they’ve fixed these issues, it’s parked.

Would advise hitting ‘set payload in simulator’ twice before setting your trim. Usually the second time it gives a different value which is usually fine for me.

  1. Did you know you can set the aircraft state in the EFB?

2 & 3. They’ve put together a highly comprehensive and detailed documentation which goes through every switch and panel. Which also would have answered your question #1 :blush: Documentation can be found on their forum if you purchased on the marketplace (The CRJ Community - AEROSOFT COMMUNITY SERVICES) or in your game files if not.

If you’re unfamiliar with anything again, Aerosoft went to great lengths to make sure there was a lot of tutorial content available on YouTube and on their forum.

Would highly recommend checking some of that stuff out before you blame the developer!

Yes there are some quirks with the AP but looking at their forum they’re working through them and I also hope it will be improved in time.


To simply answer your question
1, you set the EFB to set your state simple
2. There is a check list
3. No tool tips you dont go in a a cockpit and get tool tips, read the extensive manuals that came with this payware.

Its not a plane you just want to get up in the air and just fly…I am not a pilot…would never pretend but its a sim, where you have to learn.

The idea is to learn…I think as a non pilot,would find simming very boring if I just put throttle forward and lift off…yay I am up in the air…NOW WHAT

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