Aerosoft CRJ Texture Overhaul Mod

Hey all,

Not seen this shared here as yet.

Here is a mod by MoreRightRudder & tyler58546 (flybywire devs) that overhauls all textures in the CRJ cockpit (including the windows!) to give a more worn and ‘lived in’ look.

Personally I think they look much better from the default but you can decide for yourself!

Download link is here - CRJ700 Cockpit Textures Mod - CRJ 700 - AEROSOFT COMMUNITY SERVICES

I did a video giving an overview of the changes and a few of my thoughts on them, if you want to see a bit closer before you download: YouTube Link



Thank you and end of story as of YES,there is NO sign of RUST inside a cockpit

I would worry a bit that those thrust levers might break off with my style of flying :smiley:

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