Aerosoft CRJ version Released

Per the forums, Aerosoft released the most recent update, and is available in the Aerosoft Store, but not yet in the Microsoft Store or Marketplace. When will MS and Asobo release the update for the plane?


From Aerosoft:
The files have been send to Microsoft and all our affiliated stores on 29 March. We have no control over when these will be made available to customers.

The Marketplace does not publish updates in a timely fashion, which is why I keep telling people that they shouldn’t buy products that they care about from there. Unless Microsoft has made much needed changes to their process, the best you can hope for is an update this Thursday, but based on past behavior, it will likely take weeks or longer.

Every other vendor that is selling the CRJ will have the updates available today, so there is really no excuse for Microsoft’s inability to publish updates in a timely manner. At a minimum, they should be warning Marketplace customers that they will not receive updates when they are published. Sorry you are learning this lesson the hard way.

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I’m fine with that. It’s not like an extra two days are the end of the world.


You’re obviously not a millenial. lol :slight_smile:


How to update the plane? I bought it on the Aerosoft shop. Do I have to download it again and launch a new installation process or is there another way?

Is there an announcement about the update on the Aerosoft web site? Maybe it says how to get it there?

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People are getting mad when weekly update is 1 hour late :joy:


I’m in the transition from millennial to zoomer, what you mean is I’m obviously not a boomer :upside_down_face:

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Boomers are extremely patient and polite. And handsome. I should know, I am one.


Here is a copy of the release change log:

  • Exterior lights reworked (volumetric effects)

  • Nav-to-Nav Transfer should now switch to nav source VOR/LOC if just one NAV is tuned to an ILS

  • Magnetic to true course correction for localizers

  • Added function to delete constraints on the LEGS page

  • Added IBEX livery

  • Custom glide slope hold function

  • GLD system now includes spoiler extension on RTO

  • Further improvements on throttle control

  • Flight model update for spoiler effects

  • Fixed IAS/Mach pushbutton not working on the ground

  • Increased “green range” for aileron and rudder trim indication on ED2

  • Aileron trim now showing properly when between 40 degrees and sim limit

  • Fixed missing “A” in HPA in PFD baro indication

  • Fixed a CTD when entering a custom waypoint into and empty ALTN FPLN

  • Fixed an endless loop (CTD in MSFS) that could occur when calculating a 180 degree DME Arc or Rad Fix leg

  • Fixed a double Lbs to KG conversion on the EFB ZFW page

  • Improved throttle control (less N1 drops)

  • Fixed COM frequency swap

  • Fixed selecting COM frequency into scratchpad on FMS radio page

  • Fixed flickering RAM AIR OPEN light

  • Fixed mouse wheel direction of HOT/COLD switches

  • Removed “roll over” effect from the fuel panel mode knob

  • Fixed HGS no longer drawing when unpowered

  • PA/CHIME/CALL/EMER animations fixed

  • Fixed Yoke trim switches

  • Fixed ISI glideslope indication only half of that in the PFD

  • Fixed COM frequency display on RADIO page

  • Added page index and count to RADIO page

  • Fixed ZFW data entry limitation

  • Added colored background for active EFB data entry fields

  • Added “Parking Brake set” as condition for state changes

  • Fixed flight spoiler CAS message

  • Fixed “FlightDeck Sounds” EFB setting not saved

  • Several fixes to avoid CTDs when selecting arrival without having a departure airport set

  • Fixed ZFW direct entries on loadsheet

  • Limited ZFW direct entry to the range from MZFW and MTOW

  • Fixed a bug which could lead to negative passenger weights

  • Refuel Panel stops fueling when parking brake is not set (plus fault light is ON, when attempted)

  • Added visual mouse click feedback to EFB

  • Reworked colors in EFB

  • Several sound volume changes in MSFS

  • Fixed SPD/MACH switchover at 31600ft

  • Added HGS brightness knob functionality

  • Fixed 8.33kHz COM Displays on RTU COM page

  • Fixed COM3 frequency data

  • Removed carry over for 8.33KHz COM frequencies

  • Fixed APU door not opening fully

  • Fixed yoke trim buttons change too big


If you go to your shop account, ie where you initially downloaded the CRJ files, you will see that the original download link now points to the updated version.

Just click on that link and you should be good.

EDIT: As the CRJ installation process also appears to install an updater, called ASUpdater, and also puts a shortcut to it onto the desktop, it would probably be best to use that to apply any updates.


2 days I agree with you.
unfortunately have with
carenado’s mr20 a bad experience in the MFS store, it took several weeks for MS to pass on the update.

Should have a updater that you would have received, when you purchased from Aerosoft. Its called ASUpdater, you can update using that.

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I looked for that before going to the website and couldn’t find it, yet it was mentioned when the updated version was installed.

Maybe i just missed it.

hmmm it got installed when I bought from the store, I assume you have tried typing ASUpdater into the windows search ?

Looks like they didn’t fix problem with ALT AP.
At least I have that problem.
And it is when I enter flight plan, I enter departing AP, then destination and when I enter ALTERNATIVE AP it sets my ALT AP as my destination. So I can’t choose arrival at my main destination.
I use version from insim marketplace.

Why the in-game market place is always a week or two behind when it comes to patches published by developers?

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Why wouldn’t there be a delay? It’s a different company. Or are you asking “what is the process that Microsoft has to do to any Marketplace submission in order to make it available for purchase?”

Well they still need to address this issue. If you planning to have 5 or 10 add ons in the future, it just makes sense to buy everything from Marketplace, as it becomes way too much work to maintain all those add ons on your own (checking publisher’s websites to see if there is an update etc)


You mean the “Alternate Flight Plan”? That was patched. Read the patch notes.