Aerosoft Crj700 MCDU update

my mcdu is not up to date, how i do to get up to date, when i go to fms they show march21.
how i update the system?
when i want to fly do i go to ifr low or high altitude or go to direct flight or vor flight?

Looks like you need to have a subscription to either Navigraph or NavDataPro.

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Hi @semigems001 .

Concerning your second question. Are you asking how you can get ATC going, or do you want to know how to set up a crj flight plan?

ATC will follow, what you set in the MSFS flight planner.
How you can set up a CRJ flight plan for the MCDU, may have been answered in the following topic:

Note: I’ve moved your topic into #third-party-addon-discussion:aircraft, since your questions are related to a 3rd party aircraft, instead of addressing a bug in the core sim. I also changed your title, to something a little more descriptive.

I hope this helps.

Thank to answer. i have navigraph account and they didn’t follow my plan from navigraph. On tutorial i don’t have the same page set up, they write data invalide in yellow in fms. Why? I have the last update.
I can’t filled the fms because data invalide, show often and i can’t filled correctly.