Aerosoft EDPL Paderborn now is 17 GB?

Really?, more than 17 GB one single airport?

3,80 GB - aerosoft-paderborn Size on disk

And what are the remaining 13.37 GB?

I strongly suspect that the issue is to do with the way the in game marketplace is handling updates to this package.

I suspect that each time the product gets updated the developer sends a new build to the marketplace team, which, when approved, becomes available for download to those who have acquired it through the marketplace.
My suspicion is that a new installation of this airport from the marketplace requires the download of the initial build followed by each and every subsequent update package, which would account for the very large download size.

It is an issue that probably should be corrected on the marketplace end, given the inefficiency of this method over time.


Ok, thanks for your complete reply.