Aerosoft Simple Traffic has Departing Traffic - GA and Commercial

Sequence shot, yes, I’m askew on the taxiway, but I let the NWS go while I framed for the sceenshot.

This is at 30 percent, 5 point below manual recommended Traffic Density using Offline AI.

Delta departing KPVD

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Maybe just a coincidence?:sweat_smile: Did you doublecheck that behaviour at other airports as well?

Not a coincidence. First time I installed ST, I loaded into KBOS and was sandwiched between two tubeliners on departure sequence. I was very excited I didn’t even get screenshots. I have a few more across the board here.

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Yes I have departing traffic on this addon and am enjoying it other than the flybys over the airports, is a pretty simple addon

Will try that asap tomorrow morning. :blush:

Confirmed. But just with AI offline. With Traffic Real time, Planes only land, no departing.

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Had this too, I am really happy with Aerosoft ST, really good as I fly mostly offline.

Now I’m flying in Antarctica, I don’t see any traffic :laughing:


Is Santa already being spotted?

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Sorry, what exactly are you asking about?

uh, its a joke…, it’s Christmas eve… :wink:

Gotcha. Let’s stay on topic to close out the year. Thanks! :christmas_tree:

Merry Christmas :fireworks: :sparkler: :christmas_tree:

GA also departs in Simple Traffic. You can see in the radio dialog I’m still on the ramp waiting to taxi in a Cirrus. That Cessna’s headed for Rome NY.