Aerosoft Twin Otter - Autopilot issue

Hello there… The Twotter Autopilot shuts off … It happens pretty much every flight, at some point… when just cruising …either the autopilot kicks off and I have to wait a couple of minutes before it will enable, OR a few times all electrical cuts out…at that point I have to reload the plane to keep going or just quit

I don’t have any Mods that would affect it either. Just using the stock plane, latest version,

Is this a known issue for others?

Thanks, Captains

Silly question, but do you have the generators on and the starters off?

Hi I think so… next flight I will check that thanks…

When keeping track on you battery charge / voltage level – ask yourself --f --Does the Twin Otter have an Ammeter or a LoadMeter ? and whichever it has, how correctly is it modeled.

On some flights I have used the CTRL + E option to start the engines and set controls, but even on these flights the Autopilot has cut off.

Look at the Head up Panel at the two Generator Switches on the lower left. They had to be set ON (Middle Position) after the Engine Start. I don’t know, if CTRL-E will set them correctly. Never used that. And have a look at the DC Load Meter (above the Radios). If you have negative Load, the Generators are OFF and your Battery Voltage will drop slowly.

Thanks @ JovialCargo1949

I found CTRL E does NOT set the generator switches correctly. However after turning on, I still have no charging on the DC Load Meter…it shows sitting on “0”. Maybe there’s something else I can check.

One thing though, if I start the flight on the runway with engines running, I can seem to complete a flight without Autopilot / Electrical issues.

Oh oh pilot error here, master and battery switch were set to off - strange it would even run like that, but I think that and the generator switches are the source of my issue. Thanks for the pointers…

Glad you got it sorted out!

Love these forums… great help available!