Aerosoft Twin Otter baby!

I’ve been flying it a lot recently as part of a VA backcountry event in Alaska and really enjoying it. It’s not as polished as the SWS Kodiak or Milziz PC-6, but it is far from bad…barring the sounds.

I find the individual sounds themselves are not so bad but they are far too loud and very poorly mixed. You can’t change the latter, but you can reduce ‘engine sound’ to 25% in sound settings to avoid a migraine.

Careful use of power as detailed in the post above is key. Dropping the power will put the prop into beta range (you will hear the prop sound change - this isnt too bad) and see airspeed bleed fast - this is correct, but the transition is too sudden and hence stalls come quick! . There was a fix to smooth the transition if you had SPAD, but I think the last update by Aerosoft made this unusable as the necessary .cfg file has gone…

Hopefully they sort it out and I’ll fly it again soon, don’t know why any developer would release something when it sounds so bad, should get that right at the start :+1:

Apparently they are trying to find an operator to allow them to do a full set of new recordings, but none will agree. Rather than such a maximalist solution why just not mix and level the existing ones properly? And agree, it should never have passed QC as-is. The English version of the manual could also do with some editing by a native speaker.


Well mines in the garbage pile hanger along with a few other unfinished aircraft I’ve recently bought all awaiting the polish they should of had before being rushed out and patched later…


They’re just dragging their heels I think. This isn’t a one man band, they are a pretty big developer. If they really wanted to fix this, they would.


It’s did seem like a strange route to go, especially as the reason for IRL operators declining was that they wanted to record the engines in various high-stress settings. But, hey I’m not going to let it stop me getting vfm out of it and enjoying it’s many good and enjoyable features.

I don’t think Aerosoft are the developer, just the publisher. In the same way that Asobo didn’t make the V35B Bonanza, but it has their name on it.

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Didn’t someone create an excellent set of wwise sounds for this? I’m sure I read that somewhere.

Wouldn’t the logical thing be for Aerosoft to collaborate with this person? Instead of hunting around for someone with a Twotter they don’t mind stressing etc?

Mathjis claims that the sound set they paid for does not include enough samples to cover the whole range of sounds and that the studio was not willing to sell their raw audio. He’s also insistent that re-mixing the existing samples negatively compromises the overall product. He’s says that because the real plane is loud as hell so they need to blow out your speakers with the sim product—even though in real life you’re wearing a headset.

This developer just has super weird priorities for this product. I’ve said it before in this thread but based on the existing bugs and comments from people who beta tested this thing was rushed and it’s unlikely the developers will ever fix it. I mean forget the sounds the entire fuel system is broken! You can start the engines with the pumps off and the tanks don’t drain correctly. But in the same breath Aerosoft will write those shortcomings off as too “in the weeds” for casual players but then spend several patches totally redoing the flight model.


I like the twin otter very much and have no problem with the sound. I’m 78 and nearly deaf. :wink:


I’ll believe that when they correctly model prop drag, and remove the spoiler “cheat”.

Why do you consider it a “cheat”? Respected FM builders like Milviz use invisible spoilers for the same reason. And both Milviz and SWS - masters of the best turboprop modelling in the Porter and Kodiak - have stated numerous times that the sim simply can’t model prop drag correctly at this time.


Because the real plane doesn’t use a hidden spoiler. It’s also how they implemented it, with a hard increase rather than a gradual increase as prop pitch changes.

There are ways around this, but I wonder why AS didn’t try implementing something like this themselves.

Sadly this no longer seems viable as the .xml . you need to edit no longer seems to be in any of the Twotter folders (I’ve looked pretty darn hard). I bought mine from the marketplace after the last update and wonder if they changed it.

I would be very happy to be proven wrong on this!

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Well, I’ve flown on plenty of Twin Otters IRL, and yes they are loud. But so where the various other turboprops I flew on. But none of them ever sounded like this! Luckily volume isn’t an issue - you can turn engine volume down. But the abrupt transitions. Less easy.

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I’m 78 too and I love the Twotter. I got a good sound pack from somewhere which works well I think. The real problem is that the sim itself does not properly model turbo props and the unique beta range, prop feathering, etc. Asobo knows about this. It is on their wish list but currently not a priority I think.

Yeah I gave in and bought the soundpack, so much better.


Just quoted a bit of your post, but I agree with the whole thing. For £30 I’d expect a certain amount of basic fidelity, such as working fuel pumps. Likewise with the sound. It’s something fairly basic.

Interested to know whether this is a product Aerosoft are actually proud of in It’s current iteration. I wouldn’t be, personally.

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Its the sound mod that was done just after release. It requires a sound pack purchase (extra 10euro) to make it work, and is slightly annoying to install (need to run MSFSLayoutGenerator on the layout.json file down a short path, so it isnt just a copy to community folder sort of mod. It does work though). Scroll back on this thread to see it and hear the audio if the links havent been deleted. I’m still running the sound mod and pack and the aircraft sounds much better with it. I think the mod is still on not flying the twotter much anymore, just too busy with other aircraft. I have no idea why AS are wanting to reinvent the wheel with sounds (assuming they are).

Me either. They’ve been procrastinating with this for months, I am not an aircraft developer but it can’t be this convoluted to source properly working sounds for such a widely used aircraft.