Aerosoft Twin Otter baby!

Me either. They’ve been procrastinating with this for months, I am not an aircraft developer but it can’t be this convoluted to source properly working sounds for such a widely used aircraft.

It’s probably just expense. Sales have probably levelled off. It sold well. I’m just not sure why they want to record a new sound set, they could license what is available already. Maybe that’s prohibitively expensive to do. :man_shrugging:

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I can imagine that finding a Twin Otter owner willing to let them stress the aircraft would be more expensive. Which is what they seem to intimate they are trying to do.

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It’s really a shame about the abandoned sound recordings. Every time I take the Twotter for a flight I’m having a blast because of its flight model which I think is really nice but the sound transitions really throws me off, especially when using thrust reverse.

The Twotter has functioning beta range and feather.
Pull the prop lever into the negative range and it will feather. If you use an axis you need a script or something to activate the feather. I use the program Axis and Ohs while others use Spad set to K:PROP_PITCH_DECR. When activated it will bring the prop pitch lever to -25 and feather the prop.

If you want the plane to load up with the prop feathered you can change it in “apron.flt” (parked state) and change prop lever positions to -25.

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Thanks. Yes, I am using Spad and some of these workarounds. What I meant was the native sim does not properly (pun intended) model turboprops. I.e. an axis for prop pitch, propeller drag, etc. As a result, devs have to employ things like invisible spoilers to simulate prop drag. Hopefully, Asobo will address these issues soon.

I agree. SWS has something in store for the Kodiak turbo prop when SU10 drops.

I ended up using the SIM itself to configure the prop feather. Mark’s excellent video shows how at about 11m in.

Shame the beta range annuciator lights only come on when in reverse.

Yes, its using a button to feather the prop, rather than using the axis itself. Not all TQ’s have a button at the end of their axis.

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This is because the sim doesn’t have a “beta range”. This is a known issue.

Then they should have coded the lights to come on when the spoiler event is triggered!

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According to POH the beta light annunciator will only come on when the prop is below 9 degrees. Normally the governor stops the prop at 11 degrees in flight (as long as the power lever isn’t moved below flight idle).
The light will usually only come on when on the ground in reverse - otherwise it’s a serious failure.

News about the sounds from Mathijs Kok. They are now receiving recorded sounds.


Awesome! This made me so happy.

Now comes the difficult bit :smiley:

So maybe I’ll pull Twotter out of the hangar after all.

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Now I assume they need someone who knows how to use WWise effectively to build a sound pack from them?

Did anyone else think as I did?

Yep, it’s all in the mix… but since I’m already happy with the FTSim+ sounds, I’d be more excited about the original Collins autopilot being made fully functional and the ‘replacement’ KAP140 being removed. The plane was fun for a while but the lack of the quirky, if not unique, Collins autopilot meant I lost interest after a couple of weeks.

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Yep. Can they blend them together properly so that they sound better than the current ones (which shouldn’t be hard as the current ones sound like a sack of cats being drowned)

Pleased they’ve taken steps to improve them, though. In all seriousness.


Yeah that’s where some planes let themselves down in here but this certainly ain’t the only one that springs to mind, it’s that abrupt change to the sounds sort of thing I’d of been happy with in fs2004 but not this day and age.