Aerosoft Twin Otter - PC Only?

This is to the community moderators and MS, please help the XBOX community understand something.

The Twin Otter that has been released with a lot of fanfare and publicity from YT content creators, and where Aerosoft themselves state “ * Highly optimized modelling, prepared for use on PC and Xbox”

This highly regarded and anticipated aircraft, in the market place today is PC ONLY!



because that is trend right now. As happened with the crjs that were advertised in a video and on an official webpage as available on xbox I don’t think we’re going to see the otter on the xbox soon, also given the fact that it seems they’re already working on a sound fix

at this point i think that for many more months we won’t see anything apart from scamware as seen lately (and that’s if ms/Asobo won’t completely give up on the console and keep it as a product showcase)

I do hope I’m very wrong but that’s the state of mind that keeps my sanity right now

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It’s so disappointing.

There’s nothing more I can say about the situation.



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Thanks. I saw that in my trawling around to find an answer for myself.

Maybe it will release in todays market place update

Feels like the update was brought forward a day however to support the Twin Otter release as there are other updates and new items in marketplace today.

MS needs to start showing some serious support to the Xbox community, I’m tired of seeing comments from ‘elitist’ PC community members tell us we’re not serious simmers, they seem to enjoy the our situation (fortunately they are the minority and most PC owners are supportive).


A number of real-world pilots on here use XBOXes and controllers for one reason or another so just ignore comments from “the elite PC users”.


Indeed, there is quite a lot of BS floating around about the xbox not being capable, blah blah blah. That is simply not true.
MS and Asobo needs to show the xbox some more love when it comes to marketplace content and supporting creators/devs that wish to release stuff.
The sim on xbox is utterly brilliant and although still filled with bugs on all systems, there are still times when it simple amazes.
I didn’t pay £100 for this sim just to showcase my xbox and say “oh doesn’t that look pretty” though


Amazing. So yep. PC only for who knows how long?

Good grief.

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What’s the issue? It’s beyond a joke really.

Advertised to be on pc and Xbox so where is it for Xbox?


Well… I’m usually not one for uninformed statements here but to be honest I’m starting to assume the sim might become a two tier platform from the point of 3rd party developers. I read some statements from Aerosoft saying the Xbox internal memory just isn’t large enough to fully render their products. So now they have this beautiful sim environment and can’t really maximize their products the way they’d like them to. I read a similar statements a few weeks ago from Matthijs Kok around here, saying he needed to decide on some vital issues that way for the A330 that’s next in development too.

I see PMDG trying but having undisclosed difficulty and then there’s Fenix just going full on PC for now because their product needs extra’s. I do hope Xbox users get their great addons too (genuinly because I wish that for everyone, but also because together we keep the prices low) …but at this point I think many developers might be questioning their product lines. Maybe doing some releases for both and then some products for PC only as they need all the additionals. Or perhaps do a Twin Otter-X and a Twin Otter-PC that just gets it full capabilities in terms of memory. I really do hope they find a way to work around it though.


if my ■■■■■■ pc can run crjs, fbw and so on from a mere hardware point i guess also xbox can

I think it’s more we’re not going to put the effort on it for a number of reasons which I can understand more than hiding behind “the Xbox internal memory just isn’t large enough to fully render their products”

I’m not buying it.

Right now, flying the DC-6 on my PC, developer mode shows I’m using 2.275 GB CPU Memory and 2.335 GB GPU Memory.

That is roughly 5 GB RAM total for the most complicated aircraft in the sim.

That leaves more than enough RAM for either the S or the X to run its OS and systems.

I think either they don’t understand how to maximize the potential of the hardware or they are using that excuse to cover up for failings in their own development. The Twin Otter threads are blowing up right now, something isn’t right.


But they -did- make the effort. The Twin Otter has been send to MS for release on Xbox. Yet, with limited capabilities so the developer mentioned due to the memory issue. Kok hinted that Asobo planes can’t open doors because the animations eat too much out of the memory too. For the Twotter, they decided to have movnig doors but had to sacrifice stabalizet trim animations to compensate.

I dont think many 3rd party developers want to use such a great platform and then hold back on these sort of silly limitations.

Perhaps it is just a case of MS/Asobo testing it and delaying the release on Xbox marketplace, maybe they don’t want another DC6 debacle.

Well I’m not their lawyer and neither am I that technical. I hope you are right and other developers dont find themselves limited by this. I hope everyone can just enjoy great products and keep prices low together. But right now, based on this recent information, we might be looking a bit at an impasse because Aerosoft too must be feeling sad about this product that costed so much in terms of development and then receiving this welcome to a fairly mediocre result. This isn’t what they planned.

As far as I understood, PMDG stated that there is a bug between xBox OS and MSFS that needs to be fixed OS side. And MS doesn’t test on xBox, but on PC emulating xBox, this way some bugs don’t show until we get the live products…
If all of the quality adons, like the twitter or kodiak, sufferers this, I can’t tell


I think you just find the issue, they don’t want keep the price low, it’s not a memory problem I think, because we have actually the husky, carenado piper, c170b and c182t all this planes functions are allowed, doors opening, stabilize trim and the other like switch functions and external features just some additional mods like GPS add ons who need external download not allowed for Xbox and every one understand that.
Big thanks for pc’s users who support and share their advice with Xbox’s users, this is the proof we are a same community with the same passion for aviation


Do you have a link to these statements please, I’d be interested to have a read.

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