Aerosoft twin otter

I have an issue with the mouse look settings with this aircraft and only this one.
I have a side button and the right click setup for mouse view hold and when both are used the cockpit seam to loose it’s power. Lights goes dark autopilot reset it self, very annoying. I tried everything I know and just can’t get this aircraft to work properly with the mouse.’
Anybody else have any issues like this one?

You should report this in the Aerosoft forum here Aerosoft Twin Otter - AEROSOFT COMMUNITY SERVICES

yes check with the developer but also double check your MSFS controls in the GUI - make sure there are no conflicts under the ‘mouse’ controls or view settings…
possible the Aerosoft product has some legacy FSX code that assigned some mouse inputs to cockpit functions.

Is that a Razer brand mouse?

Flip the “DC Power” switch near the battery switch. I was having this same problem, and that fixed it for me. The EMB 110 Bandeirante has this problem too, also from not flipping a certain switch.

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In your Control Settings on the left, there’s the option to ‘scan by input’. Press the mouse button there and find out what keybindings it’s attached to and delete that unintended input.

I found the issue, the battery swhich was in the off position during flight and that what caused the problem. Battery on, problem solve!!! Got to pay more attention to the checklist!!!

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Excellent, it worked for me !

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