AerosoftFSC10 to MSFS2020 Patch wanted

I know I sound weird, but I really love FSC10. According to the developers there are no plans to rebuild it for MSFS2020. Is there someone out there who could make a patch so we can use it with 2020? I have chatted to someone who has got FSUIPC 4 and FSC9 to work with 2020, so there may be a possibility?
I am not a programmer, but surely this could be possible? I have my fingers crossed. Cheers from OZ.

When I set a flight plan in MSFS, select ‘Go Flying’ and then open FSC, click on GPS, my aircraft appears on the FSC map and its track is marked and it follows the flight plan. I haven’t tried anything else in FSC yet

Forgot to mention that I’m using FSUIPC 7

Sorry for the late reply… I cannot find the data base in msfs2020 to load FSC… did you do that?

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