Aerosoft's CRJ has exceeded sales expectations

When asked about CRJ’s sales Mathijs Kok replied

"From the publishers point of view… sales are very very strong. I can tell you some glasses were raised.

On prices things are simple. at this moment we set things a bit below what was standard for P3D because we have a larger potential audience. But we simply believe the prices are correctly set. Indeed for people who are not accustomed to the prices of FS DLC it might indeed seem high, but if you consider the investments (a serious aircraft can easily cost us half a million) things might seem more normal."

2nd thread in response to “I hope the sales are going well”

Mathijs: “Ohhhhh yes… extremely well in fact.”

Source: How are the sales going for MSFS? - English - AEROSOFT COMMUNITY SERVICES


New sales update from Mathijs Kok:

“Let me add a quick comment… Sales for the CRJ are crazy, we have not seen this in 15 years. We were expecting some serious sales but every estimate was blown away in the first 3 days. We could not be more happy. It is really like it is 2004 again.”




Good for them I guess


I hope they see now how big the potential market is, and hopefully feel confident in dropping their prices a bit in the future, to increase the percentage of users willing to buy it even more.


ha, my post :smiley:

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If they make a good airplane that meets simmers expectation, they deserve to swim in money. The successful sale of this first complex aircraft also shows how thirsty are we for a good and decent aircrafts to immerse.

I am now flying mostly FBW A320neo for short-medium routes and CRJ700 for short routes. When PMDG 737NG (and later B744, B772) comes to town, MSFS would be a dream place for me then.

(Probably the success of Aerosoft’s sale will motivate PMDG to speed up their progress for MSFS :grinning:)


I’m not saying they don’t deserve the money, far from it.
I’m just musing a bit if say, by dropping the price 30%, they would maybe get 60% more sales (just throwing random numbers out there). That could mean even more money for them.
Them selling the planes cheaper doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll make less money.


Well many bought it also because of curiosity. The bugs it has, really typical Aerosoft bugs that you would see in their Airbus in P3D (overshooting turns, crappy vnav and crappy autopilot). Anyway for sure, I won’t get their airbus, I would rather pay 50€ of the Airbus to FBW because I firmly believe, they will exceed expectation and run by passionate people.
Anyway, despite my negative vibe about it, it is still a nice plane and I think it is worth the money that you would pay for.

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You should ask him again precisely how many copies were sold :wink:

That’s not how sales works.
You can’t simlpy start reducing prices with a product that is popular.
First: it would be a slap in the face of all the customers who bought it in the beginning. That’s the most classic case of supply and demand. If demand is higher than expected (which it is) you keep the price UP or even increase it. Only when demand slackens you go down with the price.
Also it’s bad business because usually it doesn’t bring new customers faster. On the contrary. As long as customers really want a quality product they are usually ready to pay a steeper price (see: iPhone) However, if the customers get accustomed to that behaviour of early rebates, they will wait and buy later when they know the prices are going down anyway. So you will earn less and later.
Lastly the price has to represent the value. Selling too cheap ruins the profit margin of the individual product, and it is unlikely that you sell 25% more if you go down with the price 20% - and lets be honest anything less of a price reduction will entice no casual player to buy that plane. And lastly, this plane is not AIMED at the masses. It’s too complex for that. It’s the same with the Carenado Arrow and the Just Flight Arrow. The Carenado costs 25,-€, the Just Flight 38,-€ (+50%). Nevertheless I will bet you money that the Just Flight sales are higher already even thought the Carenado has been out a week longer.


I’m not saying they should reduce the price on the CRJ, since of course, you don’t want to annoy your existing customers. But maybe on their next project they could price it more aggressively.
Plenty of people feel like 50 dollars is a lot, and won’t purchase, while they might at 30.
Of course, If you’re used to PDMG prices (140 for the 747), then 50 is cheap enough, but with the new customer base (read, those not used to PDMG pricing) they might see more sales and more revenue with a more aggressive pricing strategy (especially now that they’ve made a very good impression in MSFS).

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A year from now there will be much more competition, leaving less customers buying one specific product. So the return of investment will be harder or longer again.
Don’t expect prices to drop for new products of this level, really. Once the hype is over and there is a big selection, people will think twice whether and which product to buy.

I’m pretty sure, Carenado already felt this with less sales on the Arrow than the Mooney, just because people owning the Mooney would consider twice paying again for a single prop.

All of that was the reason that JustFlight and Aerosoft pushed hard to release the “better” addons as soon as possible. Being the first in a niche gives you a boost. Being the second will already be hard.

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I’m reasonably sure Aerosoft - as one of the oldest and most successful FS deleopers out there (I bought stuff from them in the mid 90s) - have a capable marketing department who know exactly how much they can and should charge for a product- Also they will have gone through all those deliberations you put forth a year or even longer ago. I imagine long before they even started working the project. Same with the Twin Otter. The price for that has surely been calculated before they even started developing.
I don’t expect the Twin Otter to be below 40,-€. It simply wouldn’t fit compared to other developers’ products.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not disagreeing with that.
But these sales number might give their capable marketing department new data (well, not might… it is giving them new data since it’s their first plane on MSFS).
This new data might alter their pricing strategy.
Ultimately this is up to them. I was just musing about this.

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Understood. From my experience when it comes to pricing in my company I wouldn’t get my hopes up. :slight_smile:

Ow, don’t worry, Not hoping for or expecting anything :). Just thought it was interesting seeing as MSFS looks like it’s going to have a bigger userbase than any flight sim before it.

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With any sort of revenue vs. price curve there’s a sweet spot. You can raise prices too high and the sales loss is such that you can’t recoup the lost volume. Price it too low and the extra volume can’t make up for it.

Given that Aerosoft etc. have been in the business of selling these types of products for a bit, I would imagine that they’re well aware of the economics involved and have priced things appropriately to the best of their knowledge.

To be honest if you priced things cheaper I’d be surprised if sales volume went up dramatically. I feel like this sort of thing is binary to some degree - you’re either into the level step in fidelity and complication, or you’re not. And there’s just the right price point to dangle the carrot for those who are intrigued just enough to take the leap.


I’m very happy to hear that. I wish everyone involved with MSFS the very best, for purely selfish reasons…

And, we certainly have one happy aerosoft customer here!

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I got a copy even tho with the current performance it’s not really enjoyable to play. I’m glad I bought it to support the developers and see future quality products coming out. I Really want a study level A320.

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i want to get my hands on this plane, as ive only heard great things about it, but i just dont have the funds atm

Aerosoft are the first out of the gate with a complex airliner, and they deserve the money and successful sales they get.

Hopefully this now sets the bar for other 3rd party devs and modders.

This plane really isn’t my thing. I may get it at some point down the road, but regardless, I think we all benefit from what they’ve accomplished here whether we buy it or not.