Aerospool WT9 Dynamic

I would love to see the wt9 in the simulator it´s a nice plane to fly around it´s fast it´s light and it looks nice so please!

Lionheart Creations have done this previously in Flight Sim. Hopefully they can bring it up to date for FS2020, I believe they’re looking into it.

Great Topic - I’d absolutely support a WT9 !! :heart_eyes:
I’m a real-life WT9 pilot in Germany and I really enjoy flying that little “ultralight racer”… I even use the flight sim to practice difficult approaches on new airstrips, where I plan to fly to in the near future.

So far, I use the VL3 for that kind of “training” but it’s just not the WT9 as itself.

Yes the WT9 is super cool i also saw it in use as a tow plane so i hope they are looking forward to it.

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