Afraid of VATSIM? This is for you!

Hey everyone,

Are you still afraid to fly on vatsim? Maybe you don’t know how to get started and want help? We’re here to help!

If anyone is an experienced or a new VATSIM pilot I am talking with VATSIM right now about hosting some event flights made specifically for newbie VATSIM pilots who might be afraid to go on the network. If anyone is new and wants to fly in these newbie flights or if anyone is experienced and would like to help the new pilots, I have a video linked below about the program and how to join so I can get you involved. Hopefully I can get some flights planned for you all to learn :slightly_smiling_face:

We have a team of friendly controllers and experienced vatsim users who are ready to help you become a pro on vatsim and we have exciting flights planned so you can learn.

Watch the info presentation:

How to join the VATSIM Training Program:

  1. Join the Discord server:

  2. Head to the test channel "roles” and choose one of the three roles available.

Haven’t got a vatsim account or client yet? Head here:

Our first event is out too! Book here! VATSIM Newbie Event - Montreal to Toronto - VATSIM Training Program - Real Ops -


Love this.

Have only joined a few times, in uncontrolled areas so I could talk to no one and practice :slight_smile:


Thanks, I know how daunting flying on a network can be so I decided to do this


Thanks. I keep putting it off (it’s a little daunting), maybe this will be the kick in the behind…

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Nice initiative! One of the downside of Vatsim is that is not always crowded, especially in North America in the evening when im usually flying! So more people, more fun!

The first few flight are really intimidating on Vatsim and this program is really a good way to overcome those!!

Again good job with that initiative and don’t hesitate to join Vatsim… it is really a game changer for immersion!!

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Is VATSIM available to use in VR? That’s the only thing holding me back from jumping on there.

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Of course you can fly with VR on Vatsim… but keep in mind that if you are flying in IFR you need to be able to read charts, no quite handy if you are not using a plane without integrated charts in the cockpit( WT CJ4, FBW A32NX, C700….) and you might use a pen to take note of what the ATC is saying for the readback when your starting on Vatsim!

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Do you have to use the downloaded software once in VR or do you change frequencies in the aircraft as usual?? I use SIM EFB which allows me to have chats and anything else need in VR through the Toolbar menu.

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Once you have vPilot running and you’re connected to the Server you’re done with it. Map your PTT (Push to Talk) and carry on.


You can change frequency on Vpilot(software for Vatsim) and in the cockpit of your plane, as for me the only time i am using Vpilot and need it to be open is when i am entering my flightplan infos and checking for the upcoming FIR frequencies… and sometime ATC send you private message!

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This is a great idea. I’d like to do some flying with you guys.

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I think there is a way but I don’t use VR so I don’t know a lot about it.

AviationPro on Youtube had a lot of good tutorial for learning how to use Vatsim!


Yep he sure did! Definitely go and check them out :slight_smile:

He’s a very well spoken / knowledgeable young man, great content!

P Gatcomb is another phonemonial channel that covers allot of VATSIM content.

Not really for me because I always leave my sim to continue cruising while I do something else. Not really practical since VATSIM requires me to always stand by and receive and respond to instructions. Since I want to focus on other things, I like to let my AI copilot to handle the ATC, which I don’t think VATSIM allows auto-response without me doing anything.

I think this might be great for short flight < couple hours, will watch video. Thx

Thanks for this! Alas, as is the case with 75% of Discord invites I click, the link is no longer valid. Can we get a new Discord server link?

(Seriously, how has Discord not fixed this horrid design issue yet?)


Sorry about that. Try this CaptainAB Hangar

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